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planned in advance

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That's done with malice aforethought,'' Wayne says, only half-jokingly, of her 5,000-square-foot abode, which she designed herself in 1967.
While California law has provisions defining illegal abortions, Goei is suspected of murder, which the penal code defines as the unlawful killing of a human or fetus with malice aforethought.
It is a classic case of cold-blooded murder with malice aforethought.
And, just as he did when he scored his record-breaking 501 at this ground four summers ago, it is all done with not so much malice but run-making aforethought.
In affirming a jury's recommendation that Socorro ``Cora'' Caro be executed, Ventura County Superior Court Judge Donald Coleman said the fatal shootings had been ``willful, premeditated and committed with malice aforethought.
Those who castigate the Israelis for their stubborn resistance to the surrender of ``land for peace'' do so out of ignorance or malice aforethought.
He asked the judge to drop the charges, saying Keiko believed she had miscarried, and her actions in no way supported a murder charge, which requires "malice aforethought.
They didn't think there was enough malice aforethought.
There's no way that he would, malice aforethought, intentionally do this.
They are worse than a pack of wolves, who do what they do instinctively and not with malice aforethought.
Murder charges were filed because Mosqueda's conduct showed implied malice aforethought, Cromer said.
They are not terrorists or murderers who went our with malice aforethought to shoot, bomb, maim and kill.
He said: "It is high time that we stood up to those who with malice aforethought try to besmirch the brave and idealistic leaders of 1916 with the vile deeds of those responsible for the carnage at Omagh or of any other tiny group that have no mandate and no prospect of any for their lunatic actions.
In order of their original publication, the first is Malice Aforethought, 1931, by Francis Iles.
In both Malice Aforethought and Hide and Seek the victims of murder die by injection of heroin, but the social milieu in which they expire could hardly be more different.