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planned in advance

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Criminal complaints filed in Polk County stated that Nicole killed her daughter "intentionally, willfully, deliberately, with premeditation and malice aforethought," (http://www.
Our dear, hapless Lauren wasn't the only collateral damage in this offensive-it's every citizen's peace of mind, that spasm that now seizes you when a stranger turns up at your door or on your rearview mirror with malice aforethought,' wrote Dalisay.
As far as Leslee Udwin is concerned, the documentary would have dissuaded any Indian men with malice aforethought from indulging in such gruesome act if they had been allowed to see it.
A person who respects justice would even look for malice aforethought here and be driven to ask the police just what it is that they are doing if the situation can get to this level.
Not with malice aforethought, McNair's reckless studs crunched into the left ankle of Wilshere during a game at the Emirates with such force that bone and ligament damage was almost inevitable.
The US Attorney's Office said: "Henthorn willfully, deliberately, maliciously, and with premeditation and malice aforethought did unlawfully kill his wife Toni Henthorn.
They considered that the group's obstinacy and its continuation in rallying gunmen at the entrances of the capital and erecting a new camp near the important ministries reflects the aforethought intention of Houthis to carry out conspiratorial schemes aiming at igniting sedition and undermining the security and stability of the homeland and prejudice to its unity and republican system and impeding the implementation of the national dialogue outcomes and the building of a modern civil state of justice and equality.
The jury took less than 90 minutes to find Hoggan guilty by majority of endangering the men's lives by wilful fireraising with malice aforethought.
The ACA's legislative history, however, demonstrates that Congress clearly -- and, one might say, with malice aforethought -- wanted subsidies available only through state exchanges.
Manama, July 18th (BNA) --The British Ambassador to Bahrain Iain Lindsay strongly Condemned the aforethought terrorist bombing that took place on Wednesday evening inside a car parking of a mosque in West Riffa area.
He has recorded over a dozen albums since the early 70s and the titles offer a fairly obvious clue as to his take on life - Lasso From El Paso (a slightly sanitised version), Classic Snatches From Europe and Mayhem Aforethought, are examples.
If the tale is true the "Officer in Charge of the Fisheries Ports in Juffair", in a remarkable rush of aforethought, apparently declared them all to be "closed for mainten-ance", leaving many little chance to float their boat.
As a result, the killing of Roehm was without "malice aforethought," and hence "Roehm cannot be seen to have been murdered by Hitler" (312).
Having already proved that they are a government that rules by ignorance, malice aforethought, spitefulness, punishment of the weak, sick and elderly and sheer hypocrisy, they have just told the electorate that we shall be having more of the same, plus they have vetoed the publishing of the risk assessment of the NHS changes.
What do these words have in common: galore, extraordinaire, akimbo, aplenty, aweigh, incarnate, fatale, royale, par excellence, immemorial, aforethought, and manque?