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Synonyms for aforesaid



  • aforementioned
  • previously mentioned
  • earlier mentioned
  • prior mentioned
  • aforenamed

Synonyms for aforesaid

being the one previously mentioned or spoken of

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That the members of the aforesaid Corresponding Society be, and are hereby informed, that their proposal to pay the postage of their letters, and the carriage of their parcels, has been deliberated upon by this Association: that this Association considers such proposal worthy of the great minds from which it emanated, and that it hereby signifies its perfect acquiescence therein.
The umbrageous shades where the interview took place--the glorious tropical vegetation around--the picturesque grouping of the mingled throng of soldiery and natives--and even the golden-hued bunch of bananas that I held in my hand at the time, and of which I occasionally partook while making the aforesaid philosophical reflections.
That's my worst failing -- that, and indecision, as aforesaid.
On, then, as aforesaid, came Don Quixote against the wary Biscayan, with uplifted sword and a firm intention of splitting him in half, while on his side the Biscayan waited for him sword in hand, and under the protection of his cushion; and all present stood trembling, waiting in suspense the result of blows such as threatened to fall, and the lady in the coach and the rest of her following were making a thousand vows and offerings to all the images and shrines of Spain, that God might deliver her squire and all of them from this great peril in which they found themselves.
I ought not, therefore, to have exceeded that weight, constructing it on the aforesaid dimensions.
It said, 'In case you desire to consult any record, on which the aforesaid charge(s) is based or is relevant to the aforesaid charge(s), you may do so with prior arrangement with the undersigned within seven days of the receipt of this notice.
Former CPO Rawalpindi Saud Aziz and SP Rawal division Khurram Shahzad have filed appeal against the punishment awarded by Anti Terrorism court in the aforesaid case.
It said: 'That you have irresponsibly and maliciously made, printed and published the aforesaid statements to provoke sentiments against the Bhutto and her party and to politically malign and victimize the PPP.
According to the data, 497 motorbikes, 95 auto rickshaws, 60 motorcars, 39 vans, 16 buses, 31 trucks and 63 other types of vehicles and slow moving carts were involved in aforesaid road accidents.
The Act read with Rule 2 of the above mentioned Rules inclusively defines deposits with specific exceptions, thereby requiring compliance of the aforesaid provisions for receipts of monies by whatever name called, and protect the investors from the operators of fraudulent money collection schemes.
The SRB is expecting to achieve the target of Rs 78 billion as assigned for 2016-17, despite the aforesaid reduction in the rate.
The number of guests of the aforesaid hotels during October 2015 stood at 116,863, compared with 139,883 during the same month in 2014, registering a decline by 16.
TAKE NOTICE that Kuaile Touzi Limited intends to submit an application to the County Registrar for the County of the City of Dublin, for the acquisition of the freehold interest of the aforesaid properties, and any party asserting that they hold a superior interest in the aforesaid premises (or any of them) are called upon to furnish evidence of the title to the aforementioned premises to the below named solicitors within 21 days of the date of this notice.
Investigation Service explained that the aforesaid individuals had been summoned for interrogation as witnesses in the case of
As many as 1,719,716 motor vehicles moved in and out of the border checkpoint during the aforesaid period.