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Synonyms for aforementioned



  • aforesaid
  • previously mentioned
  • earlier mentioned
  • prior mentioned
  • aforenamed

Synonyms for aforementioned

being the one previously mentioned or spoken of

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The aforementioned guests (in the form of Tara Orr, actress and sock puppet wielder) arrive to complete the party.
2% last year, due largely to Levitz's aforementioned takeover of the 130,000 s/f former Huffman-Koos building in River Edge.
It is just as essential, however, not to vilify involvement in sports out of disgust for the aforementioned vices.
For his aforementioned performance at the Lenin Museum, which took place before the show had been installed, Riedel invited three friends, who had traveled with him to the Russian capital, to sit with him on chairs in the still-empty gallery and discuss, as the artist explains, "the gaze into empty space, the voice of the work of art, the putting to use of sculpture.
Therefore, the aforementioned relationship was examined as a developing function of bilinguals' language socialization.
THE FLYER ADVERTISED names like Carroll, Appleyard, Koston, Iannucci, Foster, Ladd, Creager, and Daewon, but when the big day arrived there were seventeen pros entered--and none of the aforementioned on any heat list.
The auditor also will be required to attest to the aforementioned management assessment, and findings from the testing and an appropriate evaluation of such findings will be presented either on the audit report or in a separate report.
All of the aforementioned CBW 'devices' will be activated immediately.
A global surge in mental health awareness is currently in progress, but current treatment and identification are certainly substandard, as is evident from the aforementioned statistics.
The aforementioned article has been specifically written in a customized format with the intended outcome of altering your thinking.
It identifies the Rehabilitation Act of 1968, The Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board and subsequent legislation but fails to identify the American National Standards on Accessibility and Usability of All Buildings and Facilities Used by the Public which preceded the aforementioned by many years and was in fact responsible for the aforementioned could apply only to federal buildings and facilities whereas the latter applied to any and all facilities used by the public and was arrived at by volunteer consensus of all groups of disabilities, all responsible professional groups, all related governmental agencies and all those responsible for implementation and enforcement regarding the Standards after considerable research.
In a study of 33 people with central serous chorioretinopathy,including the aforementioned carpenter, researchers have found that 30 had a very distressing psychological experience in the hours or weeks preceding the first loss of vision.
Based on the aforementioned basis, this corresponds to approximately 9.
MONICA ARCHER (Deceased) Pursuant to the Trustee Act 1925 any persons having a claim against or an interest in the Estate of the aforementioned deceased, late of 136 Edgehill Darras Hall Ponteland NE20 9JL, who died on 16/05/2015, are required to send particulars thereof in writing to the undersigned Solicitors on or before 24/12/2015, after which date the Estate will be distributed having regard only to claims and interests of which they have had notice.
Tenders are invited for Monitoring Services, Interventions and Repair Network and Vsat Hub Station, Including Spare Parts and Insurance Auxiliary Materials Necessary for the Proper Functioning of the Aforementioned Equipment and Services Site Survey, Installation, Relocation, Removal, Repositioning / Reconfiguration Vsat Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services and Lottery Terminals Needed for the Proper Functioning of the Aforementioned Equipment and Installation, Init