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a fan of bull fighting

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a serious devotee of some particular music genre or musical performer

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Regis Abu Dhabi literally elevates luxury to a new level as it unveils the opulent Luxury Aficionado Experience, whisking guests up for the first time to the hotel's 255-metre high helipad for an unforgettable evening.
Media aficionados will also enjoy listening to MP3s (requires the use of an expansion card, sold separately), watching video clips and carrying their personal photo albums wherever they go.
One in four people claim to be aficionados, saying they find money interesting and think looking after it is rewarding.
The man who founded The Wine Spectator and added Cigar Aficionado is watching his ash grow longer as cigar buffs drift away like smoke through the window.
Cigar aficionados often use terms such as aroma, curing, handmade, full-bodied, aged, and hand-selected leaves.
One dilemma Elington solved early on was how to please knowledgeable jazz aficionados without losing his growing mainstream appeal.
Coffee/cigar pairing is the next big thing for cigar aficionados.
Radiant Danse Uv Being is a dynamic tribute for poetry aficionados interested in fresh writing approaches and freedom from conventional bounds.
Such was the scene Saturday at the Hansen Dam Recreation Area for the 15th annual Blessing of the Cars, organized by car aficionados as an intersection of the sacred and the sinners, God's men and gearheads.
This book will appeal to aficionados of physics and mathematics seeking clear explanations of these important expressions.
Camelot aficionados will enjoy this take on the quest.
The seminar culminates in a joint concert of select students and instructors as part of the opening concert at the 2006 West Coast Salsa Congress, an event that attracts more than 30,000 salsa music and dance aficionados.
The soloists, too, delivered a fetching geometry onstage, delightful to Balanchine aficionados anytime.
Naval Officers: Their Swords and Dirks is as appealing to lay readers who enjoy rousing true adventures as it is for weapon aficionados.
Before art aficionados could stop swooning over Dallas's dazzling new Nasher Sculpture Center, George Michael's longtime boyfriend, Dallas native Kenny Goss, opened a 3,200-square-foot gallery featuring the work of megawatt art stars such as David LaChapelle and Richmond Burton.