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the conversion of bare or cultivated land into forest (originally for the purpose of hunting)

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The Syrian Agriculture Ministry works on the afforestation of about 10,000 hectares annually according to the ministry's productive plans including planting new areas and rehabilitation of other areas.
AgraGate, a subsidiary of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, has been active in collecting carbon credits from owners of afforestation projects, or forestland planted since January 1, 1990.
He said government will establish nurseries on 163 acres of land, afforestation over 19055 acres, direct sowing over 4900 acres while linear plantation would be carried out on 2550 kilometres area.
grandis afforestation of former arable soils over a 10-year period caused significant decreases in BD, TEB, and base saturation.
Originally in the business of raising money and buying land, JNF ceded most of its holdings to the state of Israel in 1960 and accepted responsibility for afforestation and development of all publicly owned lands.
The observations of the CAG regarding exemption given to Sasan Power Ltd from acquiring non- forest land for compensatory afforestation are misplaced and bereft of facts," RPower said in a statement.
The task force not only does afforestation, but also educates villagers about the importance of rainwater harvesting.
Contract notice: Implementation of afforestation on abandoned agricultural areas for the Wielkopolski National Park in connection with the construction of the expressway S5 Gluchowo - Wronczyn in the ESL.
Forest experts have claimed that massive afforestation in the degraded areas comprises monoculture plantations ( planting single species).
added that olive seedlings belonging to the afforestation project is supervised by the municipality and funded by the International Committee of the Red Cross.
Meanwhile, the Agricultural Production and Afforestation section of the MoE has distributed 77,834 saplings of sidra, almond, salam, Arab mimosa and others for plantation, according to the report.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman National Highway Authority (NHA) Maroof Afzal has urged the construction experts to plan afforestation in hilly regions through Bio-Engineering technology for protecting the road network from land sliding.
On this occasion, the Caretaker President enquired about the report presented by Agriculture and Environment Minister Mohamed Mokhtar Jalleli, on the afforestation programme for the 2010/2011 season which helped plant some 8,373 hectares, and for the coming year some 21,560 hectares are to be planted.
Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia modeled five scenarios in which afforestation was carried out over 50 years, from 2011 to 2060.
Damascus, (SANA) - Jerusalem International Foundation (JIF) in cooperation with Volunteers for Truth Group, affiliated to the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS), on Tuesday launched a campaign of afforestation under the title' Olive Bridge from Damascus to Jerusalem'.