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Synonyms for afforest

establish a forest on previously unforested land

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Oji will initially afforest 500 hectares in Changshou, northeast of Chongqing, Sichuan Province, over five years, the officials said.
The project is to rehabilitate and afforest 2,037 ha of degraded, mainly abandoned iron-mining land in Ningcheng County, Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region in China.
According to Tahir Rasheed, " SPFC aims to afforest the 134,995 acres of allotted land in D.
Forestry services conducted the afforest campaigns of communal lands in early 20th century and they maintain their liaison being in several situations co-managers of those lands.
Because 80 percent of the local population in Arunachal, the home of many unknown species of smaller world, is directly or indirectly dependant on forest and forest bi-products for livelihood, the laws should be amended carefully to reform deforestation or afforest the barren land.
To implement the second phase of the project to afforest the hills around the town of "Tataouine" over an area of 2,000 hectares.
Since the agricultural use of post-mining landscapes has been made difficult by the heterogeneity of the soil and poor moisture conditions, it will be more reasonable to afforest such lands [3, 4].
Sensitivity of evapotranspiration in wheat field, afforest and a grassland to change in climate and direct effect of carbon dioxide.
To protect the natural milieu against erosion and desertification, we give instructions for implementing the second phase of the project to afforest the hills around the town of "Tataouine" over an area of 2,000 hectares, for implementing a project to check run-off water and to preserve water and soil in the zones of "Maztouria," "Ressifa" and "Beni Bilal" (northern and southern Tatatouine), and for implementing a programme to fight desertification and desert encroachment in the regions of "Essmar," "Remada" and "Bir Lahmar.