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Synonyms for afflictive

marked by, causing, or experiencing physical pain

Synonyms for afflictive

causing misery or pain or distress


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Genuine happiness requires two basic modes of response: the development of spiritual qualities and the restraint of afflictive emotions, including their expressions through thoughts, words, and conduct.
Cognitive, physical, and afflictive behaviors on fact-based search tasks.
His Holiness's practice of nonviolence in extremely difficult circumstances over many decades bears witness to the power of the Buddhist tradition of training the mind to overcome afflictive emotions and is a gift to the entire world.
In every single session after the initial peaceful one, I was under assault by afflictive emotions--anger, fear, panic, and doubt--which were far more powerful than the run-of-the-mill distractions and disturbing thoughts I had encountered in the first few months of my practice.
Devastated by speechlessness after her brother drowned in 1840, convinced that "this long silence, embracing the most afflictive time of [her] whole life" could be neither poetically verbalized nor transcended, she began to question the redemptive model of lyric poetry to which she had previously subscribed.
Crenne's "fureur de [l]a plume," the feminist fury of her pen as sword, is a figurative expression and a most formidable instrument for dispensing afflictive judgments, just as the pen is in Leviticus 26:27-28 ("And if in spite of this you will not hearken to me, but walk contrary to me, then I will walk contrary to you in fury, and chastise you myself sevenfold for your sins"), and again in Ezekiel 5:13 ("Thus shall my anger spend itself, and I will vent my fury upon them and satisfy myself").
In addition, there were penalties such as the death penalty and other afflictive punishments (for instance, physical mutilation) about which there was much controversy and which were not universally applied.
Pearson attempted to reconcile himself to what he saw as an untimely death of someone who still had "promise for long and useful life," by referring to the mysterious working of providence, and desiring that, "God reconcile us to his Afflictive dispensations.
Nor are we asked to pretend that it is not real or afflictive.
Particularly, he distinguishes the passive, nonjudgmental presentations in some contemporary psychologized mindfulness practices from those found in Buddhist traditions, wherein one goes beyond mere "nonjudgmental attention" to recognize and purify afflictive mental states.
implicit relational character and associated afflictive emotions (further discussed in Part 3).
She confessed to God that she might "repine," but she asked for strength to submit to the divine will, to bear God's "most afflictive dispensations," submitting her will to a higher will.
The Buddhist distinction between innate and acquired afflictive emotions (kleshas) would be useful here.
Such views and practices would also lead to continued discriminatory thinking, discrimination, overt or hidden conflicts, and other afflictive mental states, and cause harm to both groups over time--just as like attitudes and policies promulgated and enforced by the ethnic groups and nationalities listed above (and countless others) have done.