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Synonyms for afflictive

marked by, causing, or experiencing physical pain

Synonyms for afflictive

causing misery or pain or distress


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It is useless, in other words, to apply a more onerous measure if the periculum can be neutralized by less afflictive means.
Chapter 9, the conclusion, returns to the book's vital claim that the agency cultivated in mediumship performs the medium as both an instrument and an agent who gradually attunes herself to a presence who is experienced as "alien, disturbing, afflictive, or simply foreign" (p.
Eating thus becomes an afflictive task that Lia has to force herself to undertake.
The mind-body-spirit connection reveals interesting six topics such as Ethics (Three Views of Virtue, Afflictive and nourishing emotions: impacts on health), Biological foundations (The body's self, The brains and emotions, Stress, trauma and the body), Skillful means as medicines (Mindfulness as medicine, Behavioral medicine), Emotion and culture (The virtues of Christian and Buddhist traditions, The roots of self-esteem: differences between East and West), The nature of awareness (Mind, brain and body in dialogue, Subtleties of consciousness), A universal ethic (Medicine and compassion).
The consequences of fungal pathogens might be diminutive inflammation, although occasionally the outcome can be more afflictive.
During the afflictive Vietnamization period of the Vietnam War and after the Sino-Soviet rupture, China was seen by the U.
During these typical scenes of interactions, it is not only about legitimizing the afflictive character of the sentence as a sine qua non condition of awareness by part of the offender with respect to the gravity of the infractions committed; neither does it have to do just with constraining of the minor to a conversation in which he confesses and expresses his feeling to the professionals.
The synonyms that can be used interchangeably with critical include afflictive, crucial, decisive, essential, urgent, vital, analytical, diagnostic, penetrating, reproachful, acute, conclusive, consequential, exceptive, high-priority, integral, momentous, pivotal, pressing, risky, significant, and strategic (Online Etymology Dictionary, n.
They are the members of the community most vulnerable to attack or seduction, as well as to their own passions, afflictive emotions, and inclinations.
Keywords: Pain, phenomenological ordering of afflictive experiences.
does this by repeatedly cultivating an almost afflictive bathos that
Dr Fehmida said that this was the perfect state of mind that was free from any ignorance, greed, hatred and any afflictive defilements.
Emotions in the music such as sadness, anguish, despair, anger, or other afflictive feelings so common in vocal music, can call up physical sensations in the body that might make singing more challenging.
But even though Asanga and Vasubandhu continued to call this new type of consciousness manas, which literally means "thinking," it does not appear that they intended term to refer to all types of thought, but only to the afflictive thinking that arises from our sense of self.
As a result, the practitioner learns to free his/her mind of imbalances and afflictive tendencies, becoming more mindful (Ekman et al.