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Synonyms for affliction

Synonyms for affliction

a state of physical or mental suffering

the condition of being sick

something hard to bear physically or emotionally

a cause of suffering or harm

Words related to affliction

a state of great suffering and distress due to adversity

a condition of suffering or distress due to ill health

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The careful, sometimes overly observant prose of Love's Affliction matches the thoughtfulness and intelligence of its narrator.
beaucoup moins que] J'ai appris avec une profonde affliction le deces de Tahar Benaicha.
Anna Leventhal's short-story collection Sweet Affliction delivers subtle, authentic style, carrying readers to unexpected interactions and feelings in a way that is not tropey Canadian irony and does not approximate a hipster lifestyle or represent queer anti-capitalist troubles in any ways that echo stereotype.
Love's Affliction captures the weakness and heartbreak of forbidden love.
she but someone with the affliction who imagines being: taking the cache
The Amity Affliction performs with For The Fallen Dreams, Obey The Brave, Favorite Weapon and Exotype at 6:30 p.
Kenya is struggling to contain a serious affliction of a me-too mentality that has ravaged the nation.
So, I stepped into the depths of my safe and it appears I have the same affliction you do.
The durable affliction visited on Lebanon he largely attributed to the struggle between super powers of arrogance namely the American/Israeli axis which his party deems to confront here and in Palestine.
She added that this also comes at a time when the most recent studies on monitoring the factors behind the chronic non-communicable diseases in Kuwait pointed out that rate of affliction with diabetes in the country rose to 16.
This volume, ADHD, examines attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the controversial affliction with which millions of boys and girls are diagnosed every year.
Still Alice" is a tale of an unfortunate woman struck with the affliction in the prime of her life, the debut novel of Lisa Genova, who shows she has done her research on the subject and shows a deft knowledge of the disease.
The first painting spoke of isolation; the second of peace in affliction.
It's so good she's talking about it now because this is such a common affliction among young women.
Tarantism is an affliction supposedly produced by the bite of a tarantula, has been endemic in impoverished southern Italy for at least 500 years, and is cured through music and trance-dancing the famed tarentella.