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Synonyms for affirmatory

affirming or giving assent

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7) That doctrine works first by 'requiring' (8) that a choice ('election') be made between the jural alternatives confronting the party entitled to elect, (9) and second, in the case of affirmatory elections at least, (10) by providing that once the choice is made, and unambiguously communicated to the non-electing party, it results, by operation of law, in the permanent loss of the right to pursue the alternative that was not communicated--here, disaffirmance.
This Trojan Women, then, offers a metapoetic reading of tragic poetry, not so much to interrogate its discursive function as to instantiate its affirmatory function.
In certain lights, his thirty-year-plus project--here, in his debut at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, taking the form of a collection of "relics and reliquaries"--reads as a gently affirmatory paean to the latent poetry in castoffs and kitsch, a sincere mash-up of pop-culture doodads, dork-cool autobiography, and low-wattage ritual that eludes critically and expands the range of aesthetic permissibility.
One would be affirmatory, saying 'we have the means to make the decision already there'.
The Ramblers described the hilltop range as "a quintessentially English view evoking a mood of quiet, affirmatory contemplation - a feeling that all is as it should be in the world".
18) Among the poems that do not use classical metres, but are nonetheless affirmatory, is Brodsky's celebration of his guardian angel, Poem 3: the important point is the angel's liberation from the flesh and its anonymity, for which the poet, trapped in his failing body and now universally feted, seemed to long more and more.
rooted in the human and the social, and affirmatory of life as given tragic dignity by its very finiteness; there are surprising affinities (which I think he would have denied) with Beckett.