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Synonyms for affirmative

Synonyms for affirmative

giving assent

of a constructive nature

Synonyms for affirmative

a reply of affirmation

affirming or giving assent

expecting the best


Related Words

expressing or manifesting praise or approval

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Nixon's role in the expansion of affirmative action is interesting given his use of political strategies that exploited political symbolism and demonized African Americans and other minorities.
The ban effectively rolls back the clock on employment, education, and government contracting, says David Waymire, spokesman for One United Michigan, a coalition of more than 200 organizations in support of affirmative action, including the AFL-CIO, the NAACP, and the American Civil Liberties Union.
The conventional wisdom is that the Republicans are worried about alienating Hispanics and white women--a view that is not supported by polling which finds that values play as important a role as interests in the affirmative action debate.
When the Movement switched to the color-conscious remedies of Affirmative Action, Fuchs switched with it.
Here at this magazine, we believe in affirmative action.
The second most massive affirmative action program--after the theft of American land--was the use of African, African American, and Native American labor without pay and in conditions of unjustifiable imprisonment.
President Sandra Wilkin, a Brooklyn native and member of the Regional Alliance for Small Contractors (RASC) and Professional Women in Construction (PWC), also defended affirmative action.
Despite being ranked among the leading non-standard automobile writers in the United States, in the near term Affirmative will be challenged by lower profit margins driven by pricing decreases, increased loss cost trends and competitive market pressures.
It seems we have to remind students and families that Michigan won the affirmative action lawsuits," Peterson adds.
During the 209 struggle, a TV commercial conflating an attack on affirmative action with the KKK may have offended, rather than won over, white conservatives who oppose affirmative action but hardly consider themselves white supremacists.
CORRECTION: Affirmative Action does not create equal opportunity but destroys it.
Most prominently, he adamantly and impatiently defends the affirmative action programs widely used in American higher education.
Then, speaking before the Congressional Black Caucus on Tuesday, Lieberman declared, ``I have supported affirmative action, I do support affirmative action and I will support affirmative action.
Implicitly conceding that job discrimination is wrong, they argued that gay people were already protected against such bias, so we must be seeking affirmative action--i.