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Synonyms for affirmative

Synonyms for affirmative

giving assent

of a constructive nature

Synonyms for affirmative

a reply of affirmation

affirming or giving assent

expecting the best


Related Words

expressing or manifesting praise or approval

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Reason: How do generational politics play out with regard to affirmative action?
s affirmative action program came and went in the intervening 40 years, before Newbern came to California to witness a virtual ghost town left in its absence.
Despite Ashcroft and Bush's outward lack of support for affirmative action, some business owners are optimistic.
Latinos fared extremely well under the class -based affirmative action regime.
However, Yuill sees a limit to how far Nixon was willing to go with affirmative action: Nixon's support of affirmative action was less about undoing the systemic problems that plagued the economic and employment aspirations of African Americans, and more about compensating those who had been harmed by the system.
The ban effectively rolls back the clock on employment, education, and government contracting, says David Waymire, spokesman for One United Michigan, a coalition of more than 200 organizations in support of affirmative action, including the AFL-CIO, the NAACP, and the American Civil Liberties Union.
In Seattle, 23-year-old lesbian and University of Washington graduate student Chelsea Jennings is among the gay affirmative action dissenters.
Even if the Court should reject affirmative action, that would not invalidate existing lawsuits that are based on claims of unconstitutional racial segregation.
According to Gratz, she picked up the phone after losing that fight and called Ward Connerly, the former University of California Regent who spearheaded Prop 209, which banned affirmative action from California state colleges in 1996.
2632-1(b) (2)(ii), a taxpayer may also prevent the automatic allocation of GST exemption to an indirect skip, by making an affirmative GST exemption allocation on a gift tax return filed by the due date for timely filing such return, of an amount less than the value of the transferred property as reported on the gift tax return.
Affirmative Action Around the World, by Thomas Sowell, New Haven, Conn.
The ideals of affirmative action have become conflated with the proposition that there is a black way to be .
Thomas Sowell's new book, Affirmative Action Around the World: An Empirical Study, "addresses," the author tells us, "the empirical question of just what does and does not happen under affirmative action--and to whose benefit and whose detriment" (p.