affine transformation

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(mathematics) a transformation that is a combination of single transformations such as translation or rotation or reflection on an axis

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In this case, 2D affine transformation can be used to get the transformation parameters between two neighboring images.
Affine registration: Proposed programe was started with the global alignment of reference image M and target image N using affine transformation.
In the experiments, two conditions need to be satisfied for the motion estimation: the repeatability of the algorithms maintained at a high level and the quantity of correspondence for affine transformation.
Prior to the FP reduction stage, the initially computed nodule candidates are augmented using a 3D affine transformation based rotation method.
Where p, is the equivalence class z of T and G is an affine transformation.
Proof of Proposition 2: First note that a positive affine transformation does not change the optimal level of self-protection in our model.
Transformations applied in augmentation process are illustrated in Figure 2, where the first row represents resulting images obtained by applying affine transformation on the single image; the second row represents images obtained from perspective transformation against the input image and the last row visualizes the simple rotation of the input image.
In fractal video coding, the best matched domain block is decided after applying the proper affine transformation which gives least mean square error.
Coefficients in the affine transformation have been estimated using optical flow method [16], least square method [34], and numerical optimization method [35], However, Pan [16] proposed direct a cost function which minimizes the sum of squared differences between pre- and post-deformation sub-images, and this method has higher time cost.
It will be constructed using XOR operation and affine transformation.
We chose the affine transformation because it is logical, linear, and easy to implement.
The transformation shown in Equation 1 is called affine transformation of the plane.
2] is affine Lagrangian and its second fundamental tensor is parallel relative to the induced connection, then the surface is up to a complex affine transformation of [C.
The affine transformation was used for topology alignment.