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Synonyms for affiliate

Synonyms for affiliate

to unite or be united in a relationship

one who is united in a relationship with another

a local unit of a business or an auxiliary controlled by such a business

Synonyms for affiliate

a subordinate or subsidiary associate

Related Words

a subsidiary or subordinate organization that is affiliated with another organization

join in an affiliation

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For instance, Byrne (1961) reported that nAff was associated with social anxiety, and Gable and Berkman (2008) argued that nAff is best conceptualized as measuring fear of rejection and/or affiliative anxiety.
Self-defeating and affiliative humour are similar - both improve relationships.
One of the first reports in this regard indicated that centrally administered OT induced affiliative behavior and facilitated bonds in female prairie voles [22].
In short, Uris has used literary forms to frame the transformation of the affiliative project of Zionism into the filiative state.
In contrast, males have more work-related problems, rather than affiliative life events.
facial expression) cues from the teaser, and any information about the relationship quality between the teaser and target, which individuals typically use to determine if a tease is intended to be hostile or affiliative (Barnett et al.
7] Reimer turns to a myriad of examples of texts such as Michael Bedard's Redwork and Tim Wynne jones's The Maestro to argue that, in Canadian children's literature, the true work of growing up entails the formation of affiliative bonds.
Recorded data, including photographs, were used to later categorize behaviors following definitions of affiliative and sociosexual behavioral events for captive beluga whales described by Recchia (3) (Table 1).
Freeman and Ventis (2010) reported that self-enhancing humor was linked with lower levels of pain and higher levels of general health; affiliative humor was linked to higher levels of emotional well-being.
We were discussing various styles of leadership: Coercive - gives lots of directives |and tells people what to do; Authoritative - develops and |articulates a clear vision for the organisation; Affiliative - promotes friendly |interaction and stresses things to keep people happy; Democratic - trusts people to |have the capability to develop the appropriate direction for themselves and their organisation; Pacesetting - leads by example or 'modelling' and is apprehensive about delegating; Coaching - helps people to iden-|tify their unique strengths and weakness in the light of their aspirations.
Claudia Sick, MSc biologist, said that they investigated whether diurnal changes in the value of one commodity, tolerance at shared food patches, lead to diurnal patterns of affiliative interaction, namely grooming.
McLeod's analysis of Jackie Kay's novel Trumpet, whose focus on adoption foregrounds affiliative bonds that preclude reductive biological notions of identity, suggests that other more sedentary positions, such as invoking a sense of racial or national belonging, should not be dismissed as strategic elements of cohesion and identity.
These are Driver, Social, Analytical and Affiliative, although Luck Stone categorizes these by color.