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a person who makes an affidavit

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I introduce the amendment that this will be the last time the committee entertains any complaint where the affiant or the complainant violates the verification,' Farinas said.
Nonetheless, the justice's role in creating and shaping the affidavit was relevant in viewing the affiant as a "witness" in need of confrontation.
It was something that required an affiant, a co-affiant, supervisor's review, State's attorney's office review, and approval and a judge's signature and then, of course, execution on that warrant.
76) One of the affiants (probably the man known as George Kusch) sent a letter to Joseph O'Brien (that arrived on the day after the hearing) that stated that he was drunk and given $20 to sign the paper.
The Court granted certiorari to determine whether the certificates were testimonial, rendering the affiants "witnesses" subject to the defendant's right of confrontation.
156) Admittedly, "dignity" may have had a somewhat different meaning in the two contexts: the Court had said that human dignity "is concerned with the realization of personal autonomy and self-determination" and means "that an individual or group feels self-respect and self-worth", (157) whereas the Amselem affiants may have used the term to indicate the seriousness or solemnity of their religious ritual.
CCW founder and chairman Joe Malvar Villegas and Carlo Batalla, CCW secretary general were the affiants in the case and were represented by Attorney Raymund Fortun.
On petition of The Florida Bar, authorized by its president, president-elect, or executive director, supported by 1 or more affidavits demonstrating facts personally known to the affiants that, if unrebutted, would establish clearly and convincingly that [begin strikethrough]an attorney[end strikethrough] a lawyer appears to be causing great public harm, the Supreme Court of Florida may issue an order suspending the [begin strikethrough]said attorney[end strikethrough] lawyer on an emergency basis.
auto date when affiants eSign their signatures on affidavits, sworn statements or declarations; and
If the affiants were suing by themselves which is how we must analyze the claim--asserting that the average time of processing was too long, it would be apparent that they were presenting a claim not for themselves but for others, indeed, an unidentified group of others.
likely credibility of the affiants bear on the probable reliability of
73) Relatedly, where affidavits are offered as evidence of the applicable rate, the adjudicator should consider whether the affiants are familiar with the hourly rates charged by attorneys performing work similar to counsel's actual practice.
The affiants all lived near the fiver or wanted to use the river at varying distances from Laidlaw's operating facility, ranging from one quarter-mile away to as far as forty miles downstream.