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a person who makes an affidavit

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The other two affiants stated that Owens had approached them in the Brunswick Hotel and given each $100, directing them to bet at odds of 10 to 7 on Columbus.
The first affidavit requires that the affiant aver that the
During the investigation of these cases, your affiant has executed, or participated in the execution of, numerous search warrants, and seized evidence of these violations.
The county continues to bleed jobs through Affiant Techsystems' (ATK) past and upcoming layoffs.
And considering the high potentials in attracting citizens, providing calm and safe environment and without any treatments of transportation means: is one of the important tools in urban design for creating the sustainable urban spaces and is the better from of sustainable city's transportation system and in the new millennium, we will affiant the developing of pedestrian streets in all over the world cities.
The district court found that this statement was made with "reckless disregard for the truth," (116) despite the fact that the affiant believed the statement.
Hausner's main selection criteria seem to have been that the affiant incriminated Eichmann.
As approaching the apartment door, your affiant (Officer Adams) encounters piles of trash and debris that continued into the kitchen," he wrote in the affidavit.
into admissible evidence by calling the affiant as a witness at trial.
licensed insurance producer) and must state that the affiant has reviewed the claim and believes there is a proper basis for the plaintiff to file it.
23) Regardless of the abandonment, it is apparent that the majority found Closen's opinions relevant and persuasive arguments that Illinois law followed a particular standard for affiant identification and that Kinko's had violated that standard.
In addition, before a public employer considers a bid from a contractor for the performance of services within the State, the employer shall ensure that the bid includes a signed, notarized affidavit from the contractor attesting to (1) the affiant's registration with, and authorization to use, the Federal work authorization program, (2) the user identification number and date of authorization for the affiant, and (3) the affiant's use of, and commitment to continue using, the Federal work authorization program throughout the contract period.
109) In response to this objection, the defendant submitted a supplemental affidavit with its reply from the same affiant elaborating on the matters asserted in his original affidavit and presenting new factual information not contained in the prior affidavit.
The affiant stated she had reviewed the patient's medical records and concluded that suit for medical malpractice was meritorious.