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pledged to marry

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For the moment there is more of compassion, both for her and for himself, in her affianced husband's face, than there is of love.
Take me back at once, please,' urges his Affianced, quickly laying her light hand upon his wrist.
If they are affianced, they must mean something slightly different from the term now available to committed but unmarried couples, who call themselves partners.
Astonishingly, the government claims that grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and the affianced lack such a relationship, but a federal judge in Hawaii has disagreed.
Tenders are invited for Static Cycle As Per Specification We Are Counted Amongst Versaltile Entities Sucessfully Affianced In Providing The Best Quality Static Cycle That Is Mostly Cherished By The Clients.
We were newly affianced and newly in possession of a home, one that had yet to be filled with children or even furniture.
Albumin acts as a transport protein and helps to transport substances, which are not affianced towards water i.
One was a young virgin who unexpectedly found herself pregnant, but not by Joseph, to whom she was affianced.
He is affianced to Karen Roberts and he has one child by a previous marriage.
au/sport/brad-pitt-and-angelina-jolie-could-head-to-melbourne-for-australian-open/story-fni2u98u-1226795357784) The Herald Sun , the "Mr & Mrs Smith" co-stars and affianced lovers top the list of celebrities that are invited to watch the games at the Melbourne Park.
Sahiba Fabrics is affianced in textile business since 26 years and it has been catering to the ever-growing demands of the Clothing and Fashion Industry simultaneously striving towards becoming a market leader in the manufacturing of Fabrics.
Hamlet, tasked with killing his father's brother, eventually stabs and poisons him along with Laertes, the brother of his affianced 'sister' Ophelia.
Affianced is in turn a half-sister to Group 1 Gran Criterium winner Sholokhov and Athasi Stakes winner Zavaleta, the granddam of Dewhurst Stakes winner Intense Focus.
These distorted thinking techniques are not so much to do with a topic as with the aggressive tone of feeding the emotions of the affianced listener.
The art world has affianced itself with Gandhi in such quirky fashions for as long as one can remember.