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give to in marriage

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Beecher, president of the Minnesota Physician-Patient Affiance.
This practice has not been universally embraced, and it is fair to say that not everyone at Affiance thought it was a good idea, either.
29-FEB 1: Nat'l Affiance of Independent Crop Consultants, New Orleans, LA; www.
The Healthcare Leadership Affiance has created the HLA Leadership Competency Directory, an interactive tool to help ensure that current and future health care leaders are able to assess whether they have the training and expertise needed to meet the challenges of leadership in health care--www.
An Ernst & Young study for the Affiance for Savings and Investment found the new rates will put the integrated tax rate (taking into account state and local taxes) for capital gains at 56.
Kristen Johnston, NALP Albuquerque Margaret Keyes, NALP Berkshire Property Advisors Laurel Rashida Buch, NALP FL Jason Cantu NALP TX Jake Carter NALP VA Evelyn Crespo, NALP LA Alis David, NALP IN Sphia Felix NALP NC Jared Geisler, NALP LA Annette Gonzalez, NALP NC Brittany Hastings, NALP LA Tiffany Hinton, NALP NC Kristen Johnston, NALP NM Margaret Keyes, NALP MD Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS) Edward Buckley, CAPS Atlanta GA Wendi Cooley, CAM, CAPS Affiance Residential Phoenix AZ Liz Culibrk, CAPS Fairfield Properties Goodyear AZ Debbie Reflections of west Glen Allen VA Holsomback, NALP, CAM.
By keeping Sabina safely Amish and Augustus safely English in the end, Martin gave her early twentieth-century readers the happy ending that they desired: a temporary tryst, rather than a permanent affiance, with the Other.
Executive Director, Alliance raining Center, Affiance, Ohio
Treefrog also notes it is a member of 1% for the Planet, an affiance of businesses that donate at least 1% of annual sales to a network of environmental organizations.
Epigram 37 (1944; CP 47) in The Judge is Fury speaks of faith as the essential method not only of theologian and scientist, each of whom must "risk his faith" in order to "prove the commonplace" "or confirm the "inductive leap," but also of the lover, who must, likewise, "in good faith affiance / Love and his trades" in order to discover "sincerity as lover.
18, 2004; and Global concerns focus on the powerless women who are living with AIDS in the developing world: microbicides might work where ABCs don't, Affiance for Microbicide Development Weekly Digest, 2004, Vol.
In addition, the brief and -- from the standpoint of the US-led affiance -- successful armed intervention in Iraq is expected to stimulate investment in the short run.
In a sign of progress for the US gaming market, eValley was led to this deal through its affiance with a third-party content publisher, New York-based Micro Java Network, which offers its services to developers at no cost.
The result is the Ponderosa Pine Forest Partnership, an affiance of county, national forest, and timber industry officials joined by university scientists and local citizens.