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give to in marriage

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Property owners have made substantial investments in buildings to protect them from another serious weather event," said Josh Nachowitz, vice president of research and economic development at the Downtown Affiance.
Adding further the source shared that TUSDEC is also working in close affiance with the private sector and multi-lateral agencies for the successful execution of its skill development initiatives to secure better livelihood chances for the beneficiaries.
The framework is mostly directed at smaller companies and can help them implement standards and follow risk management principles and best practices, said Larry Clinton, president of the Internet Security Affiance.
Music Protest the Hero & Architects (UK) with special guests The Kindred and Affiance, 6 p.
Recently, the Indian Pharmaceutical Affiance, which represents the domestic drug manufacturing industry, Ranbaxy, Wockhardt and Lupin, has approached the FDA for a meeting to understand the issues that have prompted regulatory concerns, according to The Business Standard.
Beecher, president of the Minnesota Physician-Patient Affiance.
Although the American Home Furnishings Affiance, an industry group comprised of retailers and furniture, foam and textile manufacturers, argued that using barriers in upholstered furniture could increase costs 13-40%, INDA emphasized that varieties of furniture exist many price points, but costs will range for nonwoven fire barrier solutions.
29-FEB 1: Nat'l Affiance of Independent Crop Consultants, New Orleans, LA; www.
Members of the International Affiance of Dietary/Food Supplements Associations (IADSA) came together in Indonesia in April to discuss regulatory developments across the globe at the organization's annual general meeting in Jakarta.
In response to the remarks that he earlier promised to find out from Tsarukyan, who is his affiance, why the latter did not
The agenda is to use the Jewish history in Arab lands as a cautionary tale to sound the alarm about the increasingly monolithic Muslim Middle East, and to create a Christian-Jewish affiance to face Muslim violence against minorities.
Sarajevo is a remarkable and beautifully written book, which complicates the picture of Hitler's Europe by discussing the difficult choices Sarajevo's Muslims had to make during the war, and shedding new light on the supposed unholy affiance between Nazism and Islam.
The Healthcare Leadership Affiance has created the HLA Leadership Competency Directory, an interactive tool to help ensure that current and future health care leaders are able to assess whether they have the training and expertise needed to meet the challenges of leadership in health care--www.
This announcement follows Paris Art's strategic affiance with Classic Label, a minority company, in 2011.
Bob Heile, Chairman at ZigBee Alliance replied, "The ZigBee Affiance has three standards designed to spread energy efficiency: ZigBee Smart Energy--the world's leading standard for interoperable y products that monitor, control, inform, and automate the delivery and use of energy and water; ZigBee Home Automation--offers control appliances, lighting,