afferent neuron

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a neuron conducting impulses inwards to the brain or spinal cord

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Neuroplasticity is implicated in causing both NDO and AD, mediated by reformation of spinal reflex arcs and bladder afferent neurons following SCI.
Gastroprotective action of lafutidine mediated by capsaicin-sensitive afferent neurons without interaction with TRPV1 and involvement of endogenous prostaglandins.
Here we focused on the transmitter used by the afferent neurons for the escape swim circuit, the S-cells.
SA13353 (1-[2-(1-Adamantyl)ethyl]-1-pentyl-3-[3-(4-pyridyl)propyl]urea) inhibits TNF-alpha production through the activation of capsaicin-sensitive afferent neurons mediated via transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 in vivo.
Injured afferent neurons produce different neuropeptides to the ones they normally produce.
Similarly in tissue trauma or surgery, release of other mediators of pain like 5HT, along with substance P may sensitize primary afferent neurons causing pain in cases of nerve entrapment pain or scar pain.
Despite having damaged afferent neurons, the efferent pathway is still intact allowing pupil constriction in both eyes.
6-8) It is well known that ECM nourishment can sequester and modulate stem cell niches along with synbiotic protein peptide formats to modulate stem cell niches and that afferent neurons can accomplish some astounding feats of regeneration and neurogenesis.
Inability to sense pain and absence of hidrosis in the patients arise from absence of sympathetic nerve supply of the afferent neurons of pain and eccrine sweat glands due to tissue damage.
Hunger is an intensely motivational state and the complicated picture of how it is regulated has been made more finely detailed again with the exciting discovery of these specific afferent neurons that are so directly involved with triggering it.
0] represents A[alpha]/[beta] afferent neurons (intermediate conducting fibers associated with mechanoreceptors) (22,24,25).
Nociceptive pain is defined as pain resulting from the on-going activation of primary afferent neurons by noxious stimuli (McCaffery & Pasero, 1999).
This analgesic function is due to its capability of depleting substance P stores from the primary afferent neurons, eventually relieving pain in conditions like peripheral arthritis.
Hyperpolarizing potentials have been described in the squid stellate ganglion (Miledi, 1972), in secondary hair cells and afferent neurons of the squid statocyst (Williamson, 1989), and in central neurons of the cuttlefish (Chrachri and Williamson, 2003).