afferent fiber

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a nerve fiber that carries impulses toward the central nervous system

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1980) Distributions of vibrissae afferent fiber collaterals in the trigeminal nuclei as revealed by intra-axonal injection of horseradish peroxidise.
Electrodermal reflexes induced by activity in somatic afferent fibers.
sup][11] Kidneys influence the central regulation of cardiovascular hemodynamics via afferent fibers that carry impulses centrally to structures that govern global sympathetic tone.
The characterization of afferent nerve fiber function using quantitative sensory testing and histamine-induced flare analysis showed that PHN is associated with damage of afferent fibers.
12) Acute or chronic sinusitis can irritate the afferent fibers of the trigeminal nerve, which can lead to pain.
Under normal circumstances, pain is associated with electrical activity in small diameter primary afferent fibers of peripheral nerves.
Sobotka said that studies in kidney transplant recipients indicate that while there is some regrowth of efferent fibers with partial neurologic activity, the outbound afferent fibers have little or no ability to reconnect.
The PMC controls the descending pathways involved in the micturition reflex, activating or inhibiting the parasympathetic pathways depending on the level of activity in the afferent fibers (Andersson, 2007).
Renal denervation aims to ablate efferent sympathetic and sensory afferent fibers of the renal nerves, both of which are thought to contribute to the blood pressure-lowering effect of catheter-based renal denervation (2, 4).
Effect of capsaicin and bradykinin on afferent fibers with endings in skeletal muscle.