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William Flesch writes that "beyond the limit of the human de Man describes a kind of crystalline purity of intentionless, affectless language" ("Ancestral Voices: De Man and his Defenders," in Responses: On Paul de Man's Wartime Journalism, ed.
One would expect squalor or heaviness, some implicit genius loci, to color McCarty's modest American boxes, but they are deadpan and affectless.
The story and characters are so affectless that it's extremely difficult for the actresses to create affecting characters, although Reeves, as the slow-witted Miriam, serves up a range of emotional responses that make her performance redeeming even when the film isn't.
Rather, Young and Caveney, two young British critics, focus on eleven writers whose work grew out of the "punk ethos" of the seventies, was in many cases initially associated with underground New York City magazines such as Bomb and Between C & D, and can be recognized by its "flat affectless prose" and urban subject matter ("crime, drugs, sexual excess, media overload, consumer madness, inner-city decay and fashion-crazed nightlife").
Taken as a whole, the constellation on view at MOCA Pacific Design Center resembled nothing more than the vacant, affectless exterior and interior spaces of a house in a new middle-class subdivision, owned--or rented--by a recently postcollegiate professional: furnished quickly and only partially, perhaps on credit; rooms littered with incongruous groupings of objects purchased on a whim and always branded, tossed aside, and forgotten without a hint of wear--consumption compounded.
Of the kick in the head you got realizing here was a writer dealing with subjects you just never saw dealt with in fiction before: computer hackers jacking into consoles with all the intensity of wall-banging sex, multinationals making ideas like national boundaries seem antique as bell-bottoms, affectless cyber-outlaws creeping along the undersides of environmentally and morally comatose cityscapes.
Based on a watercolor Tuymans made of the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau, Gaskamer is arguably the artist's most notorious canvas and exemplifies his early interest in rendering Germany's fascist past in a minimalist, affectless style.
His materials are not only affectless, they're aestheticless--more precisely, aesthetically anonymous.
Whereas McCarthy's video installations might be credited with tracking his culture's drift into a taste for affectless violence and massive spectacle, he can't seem to both mirror it and make us care; instead, he leaves us with off-putting reminders that he is a successful cog in the contemporary art machine, which makes it tempting to scale up simply for the sake of it.
Registering Housley's deceptively childlike handling and apparently affectless subject choices, one might, for a start, trace a connection to Night Studio, Musa Mayer's 1988 memoir of her father, Philip Guston.
Neither exactly ghost nor scapegoat, his mute and affectless presence incarnates the "glocal" wanderer, or performance-art mendicant.
His influence--whether through his affectless, task-based performances, his sculptural castings of negative space, or his intermedia mash-ups of language, video, and noise--is everywhere apparent in contemporary art.
In flat, affectless strokes, the San Francisco-based painter plots a highly selective and carefully edited course through the visual landscape of contemporary reportage, ranging across a thematically vast but tonally claustrophobic space.
Her straightforward, affectless readings sharply contrasted with Reagan's famously refined performances; his grief-stricken response to the Challenger disaster, for instance, is transformed into a series of flat phrases.
Howlings begins with a burst of countdown leader, then clear leader floods the screen with white light; we hear guttural ejaculations of Lettrist sound poetry, citations from legal statutes, letters, books, and feature films, affectless fragments of everyday conversations,