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a complex and usually strong subjective response, such as love or hate

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Relationships between negative affectivity, emotion regulation, anxiety, and depressive symptoms in adolescents as examined through structural equation modeling.
Historically, four constructs repeatedly emerge in the literature: (1) a general trait of competitiveness, (2) dominant competitiveness, (3) enjoyment or affectivity associated with competitiveness and (4) intrinsic interest in competition for personal enhancement.
In an argument that ranges from a discussion of Falstaff's citation of the melancholy of cats in 1 Henry IV to Cleopatra's species-barrier crossing identifications in Antony and Cleopatra, Paster demonstrates both the affinities early moderns observed between human and animal affectivity and the sometimes surprising transactions that occurred between the species.
By contrast to the deadly-birth vision the new imago does not appear in a milieu of a violent libidinal affectivity.
Positive affectivity, self-mastery, and a sense of failure as predictors of self-assessed health.
Brewer and colleagues determined from studies conducted with samples of collegiate athletes that the AIMS measured a multidimensional construct comprised of three related constructs: social identity, exclusivity and negative affectivity (Brewer, et al.
A defined learning path is created and customized for each user providing the necessary learning products required to increase software affectivity of usage and enhance workplace productivity.
In chapter 2 Paster argues that women's humoral life cycle serves as the deep structure in a series of plays--Othello, As You Like It, and Taming of the Shrew--for the representation of female affectivity.
A 1997 study by Roderick Iverson and Peter Erwin, "Predicting Occupational Injury: The Role of Affectivity," published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, investigated the role of mood in safety behavior.
140) Drucker recommended affectivity, reprocessing and reorganizing used material objects into sculpture, and entropy, defined here as "a deconstruction of normative identity through material means .
These traits include disinhibition or poor self-regulation, impulsiveness and aggression, novelty-seeking, and negative affectivity.
To avoid school-based stimuli that provoke a general sense of negative affectivity (anxiety and depression)
Isabella Pezzini's "Les limites de la passion: lecture semiotique et interpretation" argues that, since the theory of the "Model Reader," described by Eco in his Lector in Fabula (1979), depends upon a relationship of emotion, a "semiotic of passion" is necessary to account for the affectivity present in the processes of enunciation and utterance.
Dimensions of work appraisal: stress, strain, coping, job satisfaction, and negative affectivity.
Earlier scholarship regarded the artists of the Chiesa Nuova as so many famous men (Barocci, Caravaggio, Rubens); however more recent views see an underlying affectivity common to the various works, in spite of their differences.