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a complex and usually strong subjective response, such as love or hate

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Zubair Chhaya was of view the PSQCA should also consider the internal problems to improve its affectivity.
20) Additionally, von Hildebrand diagnosed a series of wounds to the heart that, in different ways, are rooted in disorder to manifestations of tender affectivity where manifestations do take place.
Objectives: The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between negative affectivity (negative mood), self-efficacy, and burn specific health among adults who had survived from burn accidents.
Our third and fourth hypotheses were also supported as both positive affectivity and emotional intelligence were positively related to job satisfaction (see Tables 1 and 2).
Ben Ayed (2014), "The Role of Negative Affectivity in the Relationship between Pay Satisfaction, Affective and Continuance Commitment and Voluntary Turnover: A Moderated Mediation Model," Human Relations 67(7): 821- 848.
With regard to this, I will object that McDowell commits Hegel to the wrong picture of Kant's theory of apperception, and that both McDowell and Pippin fail to acknowledge the relevance of motivation and affectivity for self-consciousness.
We presume such a discrepancy would be uncomfortable, which might lead to self-medicating: using drugs and alcohol to alleviate self-focus and take away negative affectivity by distracting themselves from these inconsistencies.
Putin questioned the affectivity of the airstrikes carried out by the US against ISIS as they have "yielded no tangible results so far," adding that Russia has taken several steps to form an international anti-terrorism coalition.
The baseline four-factor model included affective commitment (AC), positive affectivity (PA), negative affectivity (NA), self-reported performance (PF), and opportunism (OP): it yielded a satisfactory fit to the data: [chi square] (289) = 829.
To our knowledge, no empirical study has been published to date that has created one fully encompassing measure of competitiveness that assesses all of the different dimensions: specifically, general competitiveness, dominance, affectivity, and personal enhancement.
As to mysticism, she offers no account of a multistage spiritual journey or ascent, no program of devout practices or penances (except for prayer), and none of the emotional affectivity found in other late medieval mystics.
Finally, we explored the boundary conditions of FIW on service sabotage, and tested whether or not negative affectivity, a kind of stable dispositional trait that represents the tendency to experience negative affect (Aquino, Grover, Bradfield, & Allen, 1999), moderates this relationship.
Alongside the need to re-read the political legacies and relevance of his work, with the recent body of critical theorising related to 'new materialism' and affectivity, there is also re-thinking to be done in relation to the spiritual dimension of Beuys's artistic work and, importantly, Antliff's contribution highlights this aspect too.