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Synonyms for affective

relating to, arising from, or appealing to the emotions

Synonyms for affective

characterized by emotion

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Secondly, despite the fact that affective well-being is an important factor which could enhance teacher work engagement, these findings also have added value to educational management literatures since is no empirical research done to prove this, especially in Malaysian context.
He considers the playerAEs relationship to an avatar and how it serves as an affective means in the game world, focusing on proprioception and how the avatar makes the player feel.
The Turkish version of the Temperament Evaluation of Memphis, Pisa, Paris and San Diego Auto-questionnaire was used to evaluate affective temperaments of parents.
Students will be given opportunities to design, construct and test affective technologies using sensors and other equipment provided by the University in problem-based learning scenarios.
However, research has not adequately considered the affective valences of such modality.
Keywords - Internal marketing, organizational commitment, affective commitment, normative commitment, continuance commitment.
So many people get the winter blues, in fact, that there's a name for it: seasonal affective disorder.
Dance expertise modulates behavioral and psychophysiological responses to affective body movement.
This study explores the relationship between affective commitment and subjective career success among academics in the private sector of the country as the emotional attachment of employees to the organization, whereby, employees identify with the organization is of utmost importance.
These tutoring systems can detect the affective states of learners by using different types of data sources such as dialogs, speech, physiology, and facial expressions (Zeng et al.
An experiential understanding of austerity indicates that an anti-austerity politics should be more nuanced and multitonal to take into account the multiple affective relations that individuals have towards austerity.
It seems that when individuals are asked to assess their perceived relationship to God, they are often given a negative affective prime prior to the assessment.
A group of marketing professors in the business schools at Rice University in Houston and Fordham University in New York have come up with a customer loyalty model that has five dimensions--affective, normative, economic, forced, and habitual--arguing that current systems that only look at affective, normative, and calculative commitment are "insufficient.
Affective domain teaching and learning can facilitate the reduction of stigmatization of clients with mental illness in nursing students.