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This is a very relevant result, considering that the increase of affectionateness within relationships, communication, and social support are related with less consumption of alcohol and drugs among adolescents (Fergus & Zimmerman, 2005; Paiva & Ronzani, 2009; Schenker & Minayo, 2005).
there was hidden somewhere in his heart a warm spot of affectionateness and desire for approval" (240).
While Wollstonecraft--in the manner of Rousseau's Julie--kept her patience and affectionateness, it is now Godwin who "dwelt with trembling fondness on every favourable circumstance" (Memoirs 268; my emphasis).
The word "hug" signifies simultaneously affectionateness and the difficulty of avoiding an unwanted embrace.
M" stands for an outgoing nature, affectionateness, "A" for alertness and animation, "R" for general capability and understanding, and "Y" for inventiveness and resourcefulness.
52) Macon's single-minded determination to own both property and people suggests that he wishes to assume the authority and agency that his father has previously enjoyed as a landowner, rather than adopt or emulate his father's affectionateness and other personality traits.
But Ralph also had a generosity of spirit, a warmth, a natural affectionateness, that made it plain that however clear his principles were, if you belonged to the wide circle of decent folk, of freedom-loving men and women, he was your friend, and on your side.