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Several adjacent Memory Walls will be inscribed with the major achievements of the man known affectionately even today in Colorado as `Mr.
Not bad for a man affectionately known around the office as "the old forester.
Spitfires, Hurricanes and Lancaster bombers will all be present, as well as the rare Fairey Swordfish, a cumbersome torpedo-carrying biplane known affectionately by its wartime crews as the Stringbag.
Researchers affectionately refer to the largest gene-poor region as "the Black Hole," says Gardiner.
JOYFUL MYSTERIES Italians have fallen head over heels in love with cell phones, which they affectionately call telefonini.
Her characters do drugs, have all-night sex, affectionately or not so affectionately insult the hell out of each other, talk slop, hunt pigs, watch samurai movies, hang out with family, struggle through school, adopt a haole, and stuff animals.
No, the Coalition isn't a secret society in one of Tom Clancy's novels, but rather a group of 23 moderate to conservative House Democrats, known affectionately in the House as the "Blue Dogs.
She got everyone Groucho Marx glasses and noses and sweatshirts and lined them up for a photo in front of a wall of commodes affectionately called the "Great Wall of China.
The cat, affectionately known as ``Snickie'' to Martinez, began life on the streets, coming to live with him around the age of 6 months and developing a rapport with him described more like two friends than the traditional owner-pet bond.
A beloved teacher, dancer, choreographer, mentor, and friend, she was affectionately known by her colleagues as "Legs Delanghe.
Affectionately referred to as "gaydar" by gays and straights alike, that special sense that tells you if someone is gay or not is actually a real and necessary trait, according to a study conducted by gay 24-year-old Harvard graduate William Lee Adams.
Mosby now co-manages a huge, climate-controlled data center housing the museum's 100 servers, affectionately nicknamed for famous artists.
Bodett portrays Norman affectionately, despite all his foibles, and readers will find it easy to relate to his good intentions and unlucky breaks.
The five-acre, street-level environment of Cesar Pelli's modernist landmark, known affectionately as "The Blue Whale," has been dramatically transformed from barren plazas into lively park-like spaces and cafes whose character and elements have re-imaged the showroom building into a multi-purpose destination.
STREET cleaner Ron Thompson, a man affectionately dubbed "The Road Runner" because of his fast work rate, is hanging up his broom.