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characterized by emotion

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For affectional solidarity, with scores ranging from 1 ("not close") to 6 ("extremely close"), mean scores were 4.
Furthermore, affectional choices alone did not fashion the politics of separatism.
1) A lesbian is a woman whose sexual and affectional preferences are directed toward other women.
The model posits that schools in which a large proportion of 12th grade students are highly involved in school activities, feel affectional ties or attachment to the school, and are committed to prosocial goals such as higher education will have more prosocial bonding opportunities.
As places they have come from, each one's terra poses a problem in affectional loyalties.
6) Despite Ann Douglas's characterization of local color as a "literature of impoverishment," women's local color fiction frequently affirms both the affectional ties of a strong community and the small quotidian satisfactions of upholding traditions and preserving dignity against a background of loss and an increasingly hostile outside world.
Fliegelman dubbed this new form of authority for both the family and the state "emotional or affectional authoritarianism", and that term might also be used to characterize the social and political effects of the oratorical revolution, for, as Fliegelman notes in Declaring Independence, "the agenda of much eighteenth-century aesthetic thought" was "preoccupied," as the literary critic Terry Eagleton has put it, with "'refashioning the human subject from the inside, informing its subtlest affections and bodily responses,' transforming 'structures of power' into 'structures of feeling'".
If formal innovation in Euroethnic art is indeed rooted in cross-cultural appropriation, then the combination of formal innovation with social or political content can be read as an emblem of the artist's self-conscious cultural or affectional distance from her or his subject matter.
What is happening is the destruction of an affectional community very much like an ethnic or national community.
1]) is the satisfaction obtained from fulfilling a special role obligation and from helping a relative and friend with whom one has affectional ties.
It's also about age, disability and affectional preference.
Greet people warmly and enhance both their status and affectional powers.
eHarmony couples scored significantly higher in regard to all four components of relationship quality measured by the Dyadic Adjustment Scale: Consensus, Satisfaction, Affectional Expression and Cohesion.
It is a 5-point Likert self-rating scale, consisting of 32 items categorized into 4 subscales: (1) Dyadic Consensus, (2) Affectional Expression, (3) Dyadic Cohesion, and (4) Dyadic Satisfaction.
The six motifs are intellectual, mystical, experimental, affectional, revivalism, and coercive.