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Synonyms for affectedness

artificial behavior adopted to impress others

Synonyms for affectedness

the quality of being false or artificial (as to impress others)

a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display

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Befindlichkeit, Heidegger's translation of Augustine's affectio, is a multidimensional term (less helpfully rendered by the psychologically tinged "state of mind" or "worldly disposition") encompassing affectedness, thrownness (Geworfenheit), facticity (Faktizitat), and mood (Stimmung) or "attunement-to-things" (Gestimmtsein), as well as disclosedness, discoveredness, and resoluteness.
Despite the fact that the basis for inclusion was relatively comprehensive, the division of stakeholders into the three categories of (inter) governmental, business, and civil society actors does not adequately reflect the actual patterns of affectedness.
So the possessor's affectedness does not derive from a verbally assigned thematic role.
As mentioned above, analyses proposed for the 'extra' meaning of the EPC fall into three general classes: (i) heightened affectedness of the possessor; (ii) speaker empathy for the possessor; and (iii) topicality of the possessor.
A likely reason seems to be related to the affectedness of the 'way' by the verbal event, assuming that the word is not a meaningless marker even in the manner interpretation, contra Goldberg (1995).
The interval between the "initiation" and the affectedness or completion phase can be very long.
Successful completion of events is closely related to the affectedness parameter, which also contributes to the high semantic transitivity of "give".
Affectedness and control: a typology of voice systems.
The restriction of verbs is not as strong as in case (ii) above because the event concerns Y directly and the affectedness of Y is easily conceivable.
Moreover, to claim that preverbal gei in Chinese passives is an affectedness marker is not ad hoc, which is evidenced by some Chinese languages.
Raised possessors would combine presuppositional information about possession and entailed or asserted information about affectedness in a single DP.
See Zeller (2001a) and McIntyre (2001) for data and analyses of an as a secondary predicate expressing partial affectedness of direct objects.
Under the latter reading, the quantifier signals "total affectedness.
This degree of the body's affectedness or participation determines the usage of the reflexive pronoun in Dutch body-action verbs as well.
Leismo has been shown to be conditioned by lexical properties of the referent, especially gender, animacy, and countability, as well as by semantic-discourse factors, in particular transitivity and relative degrees of activity, prominence, and affectedness of the referent (Garcia 1975, 1986; Klein-Andreu 1981, 1992, 1996, 1999; Flores 1997).