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The enigma then was explained: this affable and kind little widow was no great dame; but a dependant like myself.
Gentle to me and affable hath been Thy condescension, and shall be honour'd ever With grateful Memorie: thou to mankind Be good and friendly still, and oft return.
There he might be seen jotting off a sketch with an air of some inspiration; and he was always affable, and one of the easiest of men to fall in talk withal.
He received thirty sous per day, and for a month he returned to his lodgings gay as a chaffinch, and affable toward his master.
However," replied the abbe, with an affable smile, "when that report is in accordance with the truth, everybody must believe it, the police as well as all the rest.
Yes, ma'am, that he was indeed; and his son will be just like him-- just as affable to the poor.
The count is an affable man; besides, be is unarmed; at the first word from his eminence the two soldiers about him would run to his assistance.
This idea, of injustice somewhat poisoned the pleasure I might otherwise have derived from Pelet's soft affable manner to myself.
When I asked the now affable Marnoo why it was that he had not previously spoken to me, he eagerly inquired what I had been led to think of him from his conduct in that respect.
To each individual, as he or she rode close by him, he gave a nod that was extremely good-natured and affable, but which partook largely of the virtue of equality, for not even to the ladies did he in the least vary his mode of salutation, by touching the apology for a hat that he wore, or by any other motion than the one we have mentioned.
That's pretty well," said Porthos, with an affable air.
de Bellegarde was affable, but in spite of his dignity he was restless.
That clearing from his eyes, he becomes courteous and of an affable heart.
The Indian Government, being in an unusually affable mood, gave orders that he was to be civilly treated and shown everything that was to be seen.
The last time he had come that way it had been in state, with a clattering cavalry escort, to visit the gentlest and most affable of Viceroys; and the two had talked for an hour together about mutual friends in London, and what the Indian common folk really thought of things.