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having no fever

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On physical examination, she was afebrile and exhibited tachypnea and orthopnea.
Effect of quinolone prophylaxis in afebrile neutropenic patients on microbial resistance: systematic review and meta-analysis.
This case was atypical, as the patient presented five weeks post-procedure, and at time of presentation she was afebrile.
Using this strategy that incorporated the D-index and serial s-GMI assessment we were able to avoid the initiation of antifungal therapy based on just the presence of fever, and to start an antifungal agent in afebrile patients, or earlier than day 7 of empiric antibiotic therapy in patients at high risk who presented an indirect sign of IMD.
Children in the age group of 6 months to 16 years who presented to the Department of Paediatrics, GSL Hospital, with the symptoms of first episode of afebrile seizures were evaluated prospectively.
2 Risk factors for recurrence are low fever at initial seizure and family history of afebrile seizures.
sup][1],[3],[5] In the present case, the patient was afebrile and did not have any abdominal pain or general malaise.
The patient remained afebrile, though drainage fluid contained necrotic tissue and pus, and was discharged from the hospital 15 days later.
He had remained afebrile throughout the entire clinical course.
Both of them are afebrile now," the health ministry said.
After an afebrile period of ten days, he developed progressive weakness of lower limbs involving both the proximal and distal muscles.
4% receiving linezolid were classified as responders -- meaning they were afebrile and their primary skin lesions had stopped spreading -- when evaluated at 48-72 hours after the first dose of the antibiotics.
At discharge 6 days later, antibiotics were not prescribed because she had been afebrile for over 48 hours.
The patient was afebrile and had a normal white blood cell count.