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having no fever

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This patient was afebrile, but developed violaceous nodules on both legs and several toes.
Antibiotic prophylaxis Use fluoroquinolones only in high-risk afebrile neutropenic patients with cancer after chemotherapy.
Tone was normal by the time of hospital discharge, and Apgar scores rose by 5 minutes of age, although they remained lower than for infants of afebrile women.
He remained stable and afebrile throughout his first and second days.
rickettsii-infected unfed nymphs, animals remained afebrile and seronegative when nymphs fed for [less than or equal to] 10 hours (Table 1).
Chest radiography and urine and blood cultures revealed no source of active infection, and she remained afebrile during the course of the admission.
Initially he was treated conservatively and was hemodynamically stable and afebrile.
By fourth day the patient started localizing the painful stimulus, had spontaneous eye opening and spoke inappropriate words and became afebrile.
His oxygen saturation is 95% on room air, his vital signs are stable, and he is afebrile.
She was afebrile, but urinalysis showed pyuria and microhematuria and her white blood cell count was mildly elevated at 14.
Most people with swine flu are advised to stay at home until they have been afebrile for at least 24 hours.
She was afebrile and had no back pain or neurological deficit.