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9] Geographic, seasonal and endemicity of infectious disease has a major impact on aetiology of febrile thrombocytopenia.
In one of the largest series on paediatric liver biopsies from Pakistan, the most common aetiology was neonatal hepatitis and was seen in 20.
Although the cause of BA is unknown and many theories as to its aetiology exist, it is generally agreed that it is attributed to multifactorial pre- and postnatal insults to the developing biliary tree.
Aetiology, treatment and mortality after oesophageal perforation in Denmark.
3%; n=804,116) pneumonia and influenza-associated hospitalizations were coded with diagnoses with unspecified aetiology.
Information recorded on the database included age, gender, aetiology, indication (primary or secondary), dose of RAI, number of RAI doses, name and duration of antithyroid drugs used, if any, and FT4 and TSH levels at diagnosis, at the time of RAI therapy and at 6 weeks, 3, 6 and 12 months after RAI therapy.
A subset of hospitalized children was investigated and plausible evidence for Chandipura virus aetiology was reasoned out (4).
Aetiology of molar-incisor hypomineralisation Prof.
The second section (pp 14-49) provides a review of the evidence relating to PD aetiology, diagnosis, and prognosis; working party recommendations for the use of outcome measures in clinical practice; and a review of the evidence available regarding therapeutic processes.
A breakdown of spending showed that about a third of funding went towards research, and another third on aetiology which looks at the causes of disease.
His current research interests are the role of perinatal development in the aetiology of human male reproductive disorders, and how androgens regulate spermatogenesis and the molecular/biochemical processes that underlie androgen support.
The aetiology of SARS: Koch's postulates fulfilled.
Work on the aetiology of coronary heart disease in women has been dominated by the idea that oestrogen has a protective role in premenopausal women, and that hormone replacement should maintain that protection.
Likewise, the section on services for people with dementia does not do full justice to the range of experience, example and research that has been published in this area, and some topics such as the definition, aetiology and service issues posed by dementia in immigrants and in developing countries are hardly mentioned.