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Synonyms for aetiologic

of or relating to the philosophical study of causation

relating to the etiology of a disease

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4 Angle5 included airway obstruction as an important aetiologic agent in malocclusion and Ketcham6 indicated that patients were not receiving the full benefits of medical and dental therapy unless they were fully evaluated by both a rhinologist and an orthodontist.
Laboratory-based foodborne disease surveillance allows aetiologic identification; determines which pathogens are causing illness or allows aetiologic agent-specific case counts; detects and investigate outbreaks; allows monitoring of trends by pathogen over time and in selected populations; helps to set priorities for control programs; facilitates the evaluation of effectiveness of control programmes; and determines which subtypes of pathogens are causing illness.
Nevertheless, dental plaque is considered today the primary aetiologic factor of chronic gingivitis, while chronic periodontitis is now seen as resulting from a complex interplay of bacterial infection and host response, often modified by behavioural factors (Lopez et al.
Dental plaque which harbours specific periodontal pathogens is its primary aetiologic factor.
TMJ internal derangement, joint effusion, bruxism, stress, malocclusion, trauma, abnormal breathing patterns and Borrelia burgdorferi spirochaetes have been suggested as possible aetiologic factors.
In recent times, the ratio of TAG to HDL-Cholesterol has been used as a possible aetiologic risk factor of hypertension and atherosclerosis (Mercola, 1997).
This study evaluated independent aetiologic factors associated with sensorineural hearing loss in infants who have been admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit compared to normal hearing controls.
Taiwo SS, Aderounmu AOA 2006 Catheter associated urinary tract infection: aetiologic agents and antimicrobial susceptibility pattern in Ladoke Akintola University Teaching Hospital, Osogbo, Nigeria African Journal of Biomedical Research 9 (3) 141-148
Intubation trauma is the most common aetiologic factor cited in the literature8.
The relative risks and aetiologic fractions of different causes of death and disease attributable to alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use in Canada.
Human papillomavirus (HPV), an extremely common sexually transmitted virus, is the known aetiologic agent responsible for cervical cancer.
3) Furthermore, he investigated in depth the diagnostic and aetiologic importance of various papillary disturbances, optic nerve atrophies and papilleoedema.
The aetiologic pathologic factors in a series of 1741 fibromyomas of the uterus.