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Synonyms for aetiologic

of or relating to the philosophical study of causation

relating to the etiology of a disease

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Tishelman, "Getting Sick and Getting Well: A Qualitative Study of Aetiologic Explanations of People with Cancer," Journal of Advances in Nursing 25 (1997): 60-67.
If as a result of this exercise some job-related aetiologic elements are uncovered that the management could reverse,then counselling sessions are held with the employee concerned, which do help in alleviating attendance problems.
Aetiologic significance of the different localization and uneven distribution of enamel defects in teeth formed in the same time period.
According to the neurotransmitter hypothesis, various aetiologic factors cause decreased oxidative metabolism and abnormalities of various neurotransmitter systems in the brain leading to cerebral dysfunction.
Despite its important aetiologic role, the pathophysiology of alcoholic pancreatitis is not fully understood.
As an alternative, debates in this field address the value of using conceptual models to guide practice, such as the Haddon Matrix of aetiologic factors for injury being used to identify potential preventive strategies for developing interventions.
Clinical approaches have the additional limitation of being imprecise, and accurate aetiologic diagnosis requires laboratory tests that are often not available in low-resource settings, due to expense or logistics.
Evidence for a parovirus as the aetiologic agent in the myocarditis of puppies.
As a whole, these models provide convincing rationale for the various aetiologic factors targeted by cognitive-behavioural treatments for insomnia.