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sleep during summer

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Aestivating snails--The physiology of water regulation in the mantle of the terrestrial pulmonate Otala lactea.
Biomass of some earthworm species decreased during droughts, but the biomass of those species capable of digging deep burrows and either aestivating in them or remaining active and returning to the surface at night to feed did not decline.
Indeed, cursory examination of the soil beneath the cages at several sites in spring yielded aestivating earthworms.
The tuberous Drosera erythrorhiza, when grown in a sand culture in a greenhouse, produced the same biomass of aestivating dormant tubers even under different conditions of root nutrient supply or insect feeding.
No conclusions can be made from the alligator's body position, as it may have died while hibernating during a prolonged cold period, or while aestivating during a prolonged drought.