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(rare) of or occurring in summer


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His opposition includes Sir Mark Prescott's Aestival, who has started odds-on for his four most recent starts, winning three but finishing well beaten when 4-7 at Leicester last time.
Its seasonal cycle involves a well-defined switch that governs whether adults undertake reproduction or enter diapause-mediated aestival dormancy (see Fig.
Aestival hasn't been stopping over 1m2f, but the long, uphill finish might not be to the liking of a horse whose tail flashing suggests he has a few quirks.
torquata has an aestival testicular cycle in Idaho (sensu Saint Girons 1982).
Nonetheless, food has been shown to be a major factor regulating diapause for a few species of insects, particularly those that undergo aestival rather than hibernal diapause (Taber et al.
Sir Mark Prescott's Aestival, a 2-5 shot, duly pulled off his quick-fire hat-trick in the 1m2f handicap, but at one stage it looked unlikely that it would be by as far as three lengths.
Individuals of Aedes sierrensis enter a long-day induced aestival, embryonic diapause (Jordan 1980) and a short-day induced hibernal, larval diapause (Jordan and Bradshaw 1978); consequently, they are univoltine.
lecontei fits the aestival (summer) and postnuptial category of Saint Girons (1982) in which sperm are stored throughout the winter in the vas deferens.
Sanders completed a double at the seaside course when 4-9 shot Aestival ran out an easy winner of the 1m2f handicap.
There are chapters on Dark Irish Fillies, Dark Irish Colts, Northern Horses, Older Horses, and I admired the assessment of a yet-unplaced three-year-old bay gelding called Aestival, who cost pounds 100,000 as a yearling, has a best Racing Post Rating of 53 and a pedigree that makes last season's performances over five and six furlongs irrelevant, while the weight he will get to carry for his first race as a three-year-old, irresistible.