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in a tasteful way


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Aesthetically You has recently introduced their signature skincare range specifically developed to maintain good skin on a daily basis.
Trends in the high sales computing segment clearly show that consumers increasingly prefer aesthetically pleasing products which offer greater functionality and meet their mobile requirements.
The Salander O'Reilly townhouse is almost directly behind the Frick Museum, but the questions raised by this important exhibition set it at a great distance from most of the aesthetically attractive art displayed in that gallery.
Why not give out company awards, presents and office party gifts that are unique, aesthetically pleasing and made from eco-friendly materials?
While Flexalloy 9750 Series compounds have processing and physical properties comparable to those of the general-purpose Flexalloy 9100 Series, the company has formulated them for applications where a low-gloss surface may be aesthetically desirable, as in certain consumer products and furniture trim.
The authors also let readers in on fascinating secrets, for instance, what it is about certain buildings, paintings, and body proportions that makes them aesthetically pleasing and how mathematics governs the structure of flowers.
His art is so over-the-top, both aesthetically and, you know, with the topless woman snorting diamonds.
Far-flung footage from some 20 different camera teams is worked into an aesthetically comprehensive overview, often informed by the credo that everything's better in slow motion.
This derivative tale of good versus evil, thematically reminiscent of but aesthetically dwarfed by Melville's Moby-Dick, never really gains momentum and will appeal only to patient readers willing to endure a darkly lyrical Gothic narrative about a protracted frozen adventure.
With remarkable economy of means, and no didacticism but rather a sense of humor rare in Conceptual art, Ghirri's apparently simple but aesthetically perfect vision offers not only a support for contemplation but also the reflection that the sea is indeed an apt emblem for his interrogation of the photograph--its surface and its depth.
But science, in some respects a step removed from popular culture and its sway, is grounded in practical rather than aesthetically based motives.
Despite a poor contour match on the operating table (figure 3), the final result was aesthetically acceptable to both the patient and physician (figure 4).
Quiet roads offer a potentially cheaper, more aesthetically pleasing alternative.
In a similar vein, author Frank Senn urges the church to exercise great care in her liturgical practices, because liturgy, properly understood, is not a mere art form that aesthetically composes worship of God.
These technologies not only make the site easier to maintain, but also make it more aesthetically pleasing.