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one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature


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In his striving to "aestheticize" his life, to merge it with his own fantasy and desire, the aesthete accepts no limitations: everything should be possible.
The fifty-one third-person scraps and fragments that constitute Ryunosuke Akutagawa's A Fool's Life chronicle the existence of a suicidal aesthete in finde-siecle Japan.
Here is Deer's judgment on the ending of POMF: "Waugh gestures in the patriotic direction by sending the effete upper class aesthete Cedric Lyne to a hero's death in Norway, but neither his old-fashioned death, nor Seal's cynical triumph over a working-class family of evacuees, can fill the gulf left by Ambrose Silk's banishment" (222).
Reassembling the few surviving characters of that 2010 gorefest for another round of viciously petty yakuza warfare, the Japanese action aesthete plays it cool and smooth in a picture that exerts a steadily tightening grip, though not until after a first hour of near-impenetrable gangster gab that may leave the uninitiated feeling stranded.
Summary: BEIRUT: Oscar Wilde, as well known for his witticisms and personal life as for his literary works, has become a caricature of the 19th-century aesthete.
I was born qualified, I consider myself an aesthete.
CHARLES Duff will tomorrow bring to life the figure of Plas Newydd's Honourable Steven Tennant, poet, artist, novelist and aesthete and lover of acclaimed war poet, Siegfrid Sassoon.
Thin sections of the plates of the Pennsylvanian chiton Euleptochiton spatulatus (Hoare, Sturgeon and Hoare 1972) show the pattern and sizes of the aesthete canals.
In this book Grant shows Garvey was a man of contradictions: a self-educated, poetry-writing aesthete and unabashed propagandist, an admirer of Lenin, and a dandy given to elaborate public displays.
Gelder, conflating the aesthete and the dandy, sees an analogy with vampires: "The vampire is itself, of course, a contemplative creature .
That writer's indictment of dress was heresy to a Woman's World aesthete.
Sir William Macarthur: The Colonial Grandee, Thomas Lang: The Million-plant Man, Daniel Bunce: The Man on the Edge, William Guilfoyle: The Colonial Aesthete, Josiah Mitchell: The Man of the ,Soil and William Ferguson; The Man Who Couldn't See.
Indeed, Maltz states in her discussion of Octavia Hill and Victorian Tenement Reform that, "by describing Hill as a missionary aesthete, I am redefining the term aesthete as much as I am theoretically repositioning Hill" (43).
Wilde the aesthetic dandy, the dandified aesthete, wearer of the violoncello coat and disciple of Pater, the playwright and the essayist, is an important figure for Susan Sontag.