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a cloud of solid or liquid particles in a gas

a dispenser that holds a substance under pressure and that can release it as a fine spray (usually by means of a propellant gas)

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14] If a mask or mouthpiece was used during aerosol therapy, these devices would be wiped down with 70% alcohol after each use.
The literature in the last 10 years has been more specific on how not to give aerosol therapy to young pediatric patients and babies than it has been instructive on how we should give therapy.
Treatment includes high doses of ibuprofen, antibiotics for pulmonary disease, and clearing of the airways with intermittent aerosol therapy.
From ozonized thermal baths and inhalation to aerosol therapy and presso therapy, the Metropole offers a large menu of spa services.
The Hudson RCI brand has been a leader in respiratory care for more than 65 years, and offers solutions for Oxygen Therapy, Aerosol Therapy, Passive Humidification and Filtration, Active Humidification and Breathing Circuits, Resuscitation Bags, Incentive Spirometers, and Adaptors and Connectors.
5; for nasal and oral intubation, with a low-pressure cuff, endotracheal tube for nasal and oral intubation, with low pressure cuff size, mm 3,0; for nasal and oral intubation, with a low-pressure cuff, endotracheal tube curved, northern, nasal, with low pressure cuff size, mm 8,0; type murphy, the device for oxygen and aerosol therapy is fluometric, for performing flow spirometry.
It describes medical gas supply and therapy equipment; humidity and aerosol therapy equipment; hyperinflation therapy equipment; airway management equipment; physiological measurement and monitoring devices; mechanical ventilator theory and classification; ventilators with flow and pressure control variables; pediatric and neonatal ventilators; noninvasive, home care, and transport ventilators; and high-frequency mechanical ventilation.
Let's revisit the issue of drug mass because, after all, the whole point of aerosol therapy is to deliver an effective mass of drug to the lung.
5] Increased awareness of the potential benefits that can be derived by more effective use of the metered dose inhaler (MDI) to administer aerosol therapy in both hospital and outpatient settings has the potential to simultaneously decrease the cost of medical care and reduce the morbidity and mortality of these diseases.
Contract notice: Provision of ventilator circuits and accessories, oxygen therapy and aerosol therapy, respiratory first - part 2.
Home care with prescribed oxygen and aerosol therapy coupled with RT follow-up and education is far less expensive and can result in fewer ED visits, hospitalizations and reduced healthcare expenditures overall.
The Aeroneb Go was selected as the best nebulizer from hundreds of aerosol therapy devices available to asthmatics.
Contract notice: Ventilator Circuits Package And Accessories, Oxygen & Aerosol Therapy, Respiratory Abord - Part 2
The second component of the patient visit will include a review and reinforcement of prescribed home care therapy that usually involves home oxygen delivery systems and/or aerosol therapy.