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of or pertaining to aeronautics


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Carolina Aeronautical's course selection is among the most diverse within the current aeronautical training industry.
Akbar Al Baker: I am pleased to establish this new close relationship with the Royal Aeronautical Society.
Aeronautical income usually refers to revenue from passenger and aircraft fees, which the airline often passes onto the customs in the airfare.
The award of Fellowship to the Air Chief by the prestigious Royal Aeronautical Society is the recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Aerospace Industry.
Robert Morgan Senior, Aeronautical Science major, Prescott Campus, Ariz.
He then moved to Florida, where he received both a BS in aeronautical studies and an MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
The Air Chief was given a comprehensive briefing on the working of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Board and its factories.
9m, due to the fact that the combined increase of aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues was offset by a Ps.
Non-aeronautical revenues critically determine the financial viability of an airport as they tend to generate higher profit margins than aeronautical activities, the latter frequently representing a zero sum game or producing a deficit.
Under the ' single till' system, all revenue and costs are put together in respect of all aeronautical and non- aeronautical services, and in the case of ' dual till', revenues are distributed between aeronautical and nonaeronautical services separately.
2m, primarily due to an increase in revenues from aeronautical and non-aeronautical services.
Paul Gabriel, an electronics engineer at Aeronautical Systems Center's Engineering Directorate, will accept the 2006 Employees with Disabilities Award during a special ceremony in Washington, D.
As part of a masterplan developed by the architects for RAF Cosford, the museum contains a unique collection of aeronautical artefacts, including 13 Cold War bombers with wingspans of up to 50m.
Kerwin, a graduate of Littlerock High School, is now studying aeronautics and aeronautical science at Antelope Valley College.
a provider of satellite communications solutions, has announced that the company has installed and integrated a two-way communication system for Cocesna using Frame Relay to access the company's existing Aeronautical Communication Network, which currently serves airports throughout Central America.
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