aerodynamic force

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forces acting on airfoils in motion relative to the air (or other gaseous fluids)

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The present work shows that the vehicle aerodynamic force and moment coefficients are much lower with the barrier shelter except for the pitch moment coefficient.
20 suitably modified to take into account inertia, gravity, surface tension, and, most importantly, the aerodynamic force due to the tangentially air jet.
The change of wing structure deformation not only influences aerodynamic force but also changes flight pose for flapping wing.
The dF elementary aerodynamic force varies over a blade complete rotation around the axis Darrieus rotor.
Sidiropoulos and Vlachopoulos [10] performed numerical simulations of the turbulent flow of the nonisothermal air stream outside a rigid film model using a variation of the k -- [epsilon] Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) model without, however, studying the direct effect of the aerodynamic force to the film.
It's really remarkable that an animal that, at first glance, possesses a body plan that seems so ill-suited to gliding can not only support its body weight with aerodynamic forces, but actually create a surplus of these forces," said Greg Byrnes, a postdoctoral fellow in the University of Cincinnati's Department of Biological Sciences.
Lightfoot, for one, found a striking difference between two- and four-seam orientations when he gauged the curve-inducing aerodynamic force known as lift.
As a result, swallowtails' ability to actively control the aerodynamic force of their wings is limited and their body motion is a passive reaction to the simple flapping motion, and not - as common in other types of butterfly - an active reaction to aerodynamics.
The traditional wing control surfaces-trailing edge ailerons and the outboard leading edge flap will be used to provide the aerodynamic force needed to twist or "warp" the wing.
Rae's computer simulations suggest that this motion introduces an additional aerodynamic force, known as the Magnus effect, that essentially cancels out a football's tendency to drift to one side during its flight.
Drag is an aerodynamic force that is the result of resistance a body encounters when it moves in a liquid or gaseous medium, such as air.
The Propellers Blades bearings will be designed, manufactured and tested (component tests are required necessary to demonstrate the behaviour with different loads cases TRL 5 is required ) to withstand the radial load of the propeller blade load in operating condition due centrifugal forces and unbalance loads, to withstand axial and tangential loads due to aerodynamic forces on the blade and to withstand to the high temperatures.
The new state-of-the-art balance technology delivers unprecedented precision and repeatability for measuring aerodynamic forces on a vehicle.
It will continue to test the structural integrity for another two years to validate the effects of aerodynamic forces and weight distribution on different sections of the airframe.
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