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an airfield equipped with control tower and hangars as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo

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He became second lieutenant on July 7, 1918, in a technical capacity in view of his telephony experience and was posted to Port Meadow in August 1918 and then to Wireless Telephony Flight 21st Wing in October which was also based at the aerodrome.
The renewal of the Aerodrome Certificate highlights the company's focus on operating BIA in accordance with international aviation regulations," BAC chief operations officer Mohamed Thamir Al Kaabi said.
But there was a magic about flying 80 years ago and what better proof of this than on a day in July 1933 when 25,000 people turned up for the Cardiff Aero Club Display and Pageant at the Cardiff Aerodrome.
In it the Mayor states: "I well remember the time when the Castle Bromwich aerodrome was known as 'The playing fields' and the young men and boys of Birmingham played football on the fields.
The tragedy happened on Saturday at the Sibson Aerodrome in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.
The New York and New Jersey section of the Ninety-Nines (99s) will hold a section meeting at the aerodrome on Saturday.
People will believe any rumour on deadline day as long as you attach it to the name of an aerodrome.
Safety checks will be conducted within an area up to 35 kilometres from the local aerodrome using a twin-engine Cessna Conquest aircraft.
Its findings stated the flightlanding sequence plan prepared by the aerodrome controllers (ADC) at Coventry Airport was based on an "incomplete understanding" of the nature of the flight of one of the aircrafts.
Three ICAO technical projects in the areas of flight safety, aerodrome standards and navigation services have been commissioned by DGCA to enhance its safety oversight capabilities," said Patel in the Rajya Sabha in response to the Calling Motion tabled regarding 'Serious safety problems faced by airline industry in the country.
THE RAF base at Sealand originated as a small aerodrome and flying school run by a young engineer called Thomas Murray Dutton.
The lads visited Usworth Aerodrome, in Sunderland, on May 25, 1936, on what was known as Empire Air Day.
Crews were called to the fire at the Charterhall Aerodrome near Duns, in the Scottish Borders, on Saturday when plumes of smoke and flames were seen.
His first flight was at Castle Bromwich Aerodrome where he was forced to wear a helmet that was too large for him while he sat in an open cockpit.