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United Nations - A Chinese official praised the United Nations International Court of Justice on Thursday and called the Chinese government "an active advocator for peaceful settlement of disputes" - but he stressed that all parties must agree on the means to settle differences.
Tan Lark Sye: Advocator and Founder of Nanyang University
In a press statement, the envoy said that Kuwait also was a victim of war during the 1990 Iraqi invasion and was a victim of the detrimental effects of weapons on human health and environment; hence, Kuwait has become an avid advocator of peace and stability in the world.
It is to be mentioned here that Sher Shah is social worker and an advocator of restoration of durable peace in the area.
Nouakchott, Sha'ban 05, 1436, May 23, 2015, SPA -- President Mohammed Wild Abdulaziz of Mauritania made a minor reshuffle in the government of Premier Yahya Wild Hadmin, appointing Advocator Ibrahim Wild Dada as Justice Minister, replacing Sidi Wild Al-Zain who was moved to the post of Minister of Housing, Construction and Land Reclamation.
Nowadays, the enemies are attributing different kinds of violence to Islam, while Islam is the main advocator of science, peace and moderation in the international arenas," he added.
Mai (2003) stressed that UCPs were often employed as a staff position on campus and they also tended to limit themselves in a counseling/therapeutic role instead of other roles, such as advocator, educator, activity leader, and/or administrative manager or practitioner.
Laboucan was a fierce advocator for strongly educated Aboriginal youth.
He is considered Great" because he was the first poet to consider all Turkmen as one nation and was advocator of his ideas.
As a proud advocator of freedom of speech and facilitator of community cohesion, I realise the possible negative consequences of his action.
Atiya Jaha-Rashidi, RN Volunteer, nurse of close to 13 years, and former Public Health Advocator and Educator, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, leads a Barnabas Health working committee of Facility Champions and their teams that meet weekly.
The digital rights advocator gave Apple a perfect mark of six stars in its effort to protect user data and policies towards government data requests.
It's an advocacy song, of a kind that only the nation's most enduring advocator could offer.
the advocator of plurality, democracy, and human rights and the political and moral protector of the Free World - recanted the sanctioning of the killer with Sarin gas in Syria, offered concessions to Russia that is insisting on the stay of the Syrian regime, and made offers to Iran to serve some of its interests.
To adequately tell Tuck's story would consume this entire issue, but here he is in a nutshell: ripping skater, snowboarder, drummer in punk, reggae and ska bands, a Beer Boy, devoted family man, skatepark builder, pool crafter, hard-work trooper, rasta reincarnate, bar fighter, world traveler, give-you-the-shirt-off-his-back gentleman, master-obtainer of free product, team manager, brave badass, not giving a fuck, giving a fuck, one-of-a-kind, slam taker, charismatic, charmer, comedic ham, generous, contest MC, uninhibited, chef, non-profit-foundation starter, leader, Instigator, advocator, loyal to the core, lover of life, hippy--yes and no, Michigan boy, known and respected from coast to coast.