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Synonyms for advisement

a careful considering of a matter

Synonyms for advisement

careful consideration

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Valdovinos by the San Bernardino Superior Court challenging the adequacy of the state courts advisement of immigration consequences prior to the defendant's plea of no contest.
To use an advisement system that encourages relationships between students, teachers and parents to plan for success.
Traditional teaching was more stable across the semester while online teaching fluctuated greatly during periods of advisement and assessment.
She said that women professors experience additional stress because they are often expected to offer informal advisement to female students.
Established by the Virginia Tech Alumni Association, the award is presented each year to a faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding advisement of graduate students.
Included in the advisement were recommendations to prevent such hazards.
To meet the STWOA objective of having students choose a career major by Grade 11, several practitioners indicated that they were having success using a broad career pathways framework in student advisement services and in organizing their schools' curriculum.
Eighty-one undergraduates at National Taiwan Normal University were randomly assigned to a learner-controlled treatment, with or without advisement.
In the present study, emphasis was placed on the value of relationships of the variables presented, concerning the strength of their relationships in explaining student success during student advisement.
A spokesperson for the FAA stated that it would take NTSB's recommendation under advisement, Reuters reported.
On November 10th, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma's Scholarship Advisement Program (SAP) will be hosting an all-day college recruitment event at the Choctaw Resort in Durant, OK, featuring over 30 of the nation's most selective undergraduate and graduate programs.
SEOUL, South Korea, May 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SkyBridge Capital (SkyBridge), a global alternative investment firm with approximately $13 billion in assets under management and advisement as of February 28, 2015, today announced it has opened an office in Seoul, South Korea.
The AIP Hedge Fund group has over $20 billion in assets under management and advisement as of March 31, 2014.
Royce Engler, chairman, said there will be no other deliberations in the interval, but the governing panel, which also consists of Ben Ostrowski and Gary Zane, will take under advisement and study comments presented by advocates and opponents of the project.