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Synonyms for advise



Synonyms for advise

to give recommendations to (someone) about a decision or course of action

to meet and exchange views to reach a decision

to impart information to

Synonyms for advise

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To meet that challenge, 571 and 818 MSAS assess, train, and advise partner nation air forces in those critical agile combat support activities (command and control, communications, air operations, aerial port, aircraft maintenance, aeromedical evacuation, and support functions) that assist in aviation enterprise development and open the door to economic development and future aviation operations.
Wayne Sampson, Trippi said, who really helped coordinate the first meeting which would result in establishing ADVISE in town.
Given the complexity of ERISA and tax code statutes governing pension plans, CPAs have an opportunity to advise plan sponsors of their fiduciary obligations.
Advise and assist SAAF in maintaining capable deterrent and self-defense forces.
And so, a word to the wise: To help their clients and employers stay out of disclosure-related trouble, CPAs should advise them to retain legal counsel who follows the SEC's regulation FD-related activities.
According to Mike Eisenberg, a West Los Angeles-based CPA, PFS, who currently advises his individual clients on their 401(k) investments, some cost-benefit analysis is required before leaping in to this expanded practice area.
He therefore gave the information to the estate's licensed attorney, who had been retained to advise T in the administration of the estate, and asked for advice.
Participants in the program are trained to interpret students' scores on placement tests and the TASP test, to advise students into proper remediation or academic classes based on these scores, and to advise various special student populations.
Bill Haslam announced today the 30 partner schools chosen to participate in Advise TN, a new program to increase the number of students accessing higher education.
The board of a residential building should make the determination if non-friable asbestos should be left in place and advise people where it is.
An Industry Specialization Paper(ISP) has been prepared on the issue to advise agents of uniform procedures to use in examining returns on which a deduction has been claimed for an inventory contribution of food.
Advise on the preparation of a Client~s brief for the Project.