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Synonyms for advisable

Synonyms for advisable

worth doing, especially for practical reasons

Antonyms for advisable

worthy of being recommended or suggested

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In this case, measuring coliphages and enteric viruses would be advisable.
The material is some kind of canvas and it is not advisable to use this kind of material due to fire hazard and other harsh climate conditions as the case proved when the combined action of fire and wind damaged the canvas.
It is therefore not advisable for the public to venture into these areas for swimming, he told the Arabic daily Al-Watan.
MATTRESS CARE It is advisable to flip your mattress, or reverse it end-to-end, every three months or so as this will keep the filling even and distribute wear and tear.
It is not advisable to use it on soft fruit bushes apart from red and white currants.
It is advisable to take the programme back two weeks and build back to the schedule.
If you decide to plant an orchard, or just one fruit tree, it is advisable to do some research prior to your horticultural experiment.
Implementing security systems at construction sites is always advisable," says Ecker.
Given that inurement focuses on whether one or more individuals are abusing power for personal benefits, it is advisable that when business ends, staff members who are insiders (such as the CEO and spouse), depart the corporate apartment.
Though this is technically a stand-alone novel, familiarity with the characters, their histories, and the events in Dance of Death is highly advisable.
All I Ever Did Was Love A Man is very strongly recommended to all readers seeking a consoling read which they might be able to relate to, especially those in the midst of a poor relationship wishing for an advisable understanding of what their next move might be.
The big question then becomes: Why would planners and public officials, even with the most vested of interests, think it advisable to rebuild a city that will, given its current geographic location, most certainly be similarly destroyed again when another Katrina hits?
The "Healthy Kids" series would nicely serve as a classroom curriculum supplement and with the inclusion of a glossary (and bolded glossary terms throughout the text), a list of additional print and Internet resources, along with a detailed index, make the series advisable for home schooling and age appropriate independent research studies as well.
If you experience agitation or strong cravings that are temporarily relieved by eating sweets, it is advisable to avoid them completely.