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an advertisement that is written and presented in the style of an editorial or journalistic report

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I posit that Influencers' posts may generally be repurposed for three genres of advertorial practice: dissemination, aggregation and instigation.
For instance, the American Society of Magazine Editors (AMSE), which pioneered guidelines in response to concern about print media advertorials in 1982, released updated guidelines on native advertising, sponsored content and paid links in September last year.
More specifically, we examine Russia's use of the advertorial magazine inserts paid for by Russia and placed in elite foreign newspapers as a tool of strategic public diplomacy in the United States and in India.
I agree completely with China Daily's Thursday advertorial - err, perceptive feature stories - about the fact that ".
With Benincasa, Australian Dream will be launching a new advertising campaign that includes television commercials, an advertorial and online marketing.
After reading this advertorial, I'm beginning to wonder whether the problem really is one of communications, only it's on the level of core values.
For a Fresh New You will appear in The Sun, the Daily Mail and the Mirror and there is an advertorial in the January issue of Weight Watchers magazine, which includes three 25P off vouchers.
Advertorial products are designed to blend in with the media overall content to increase their effectiveness as marketing vehicles.
I was affronted when I saw the "Face of Africa 2010" advertorial on page 44 of your March issue.
An advertorial in the October issue (on stands Sept.
The April 6 issue of the New York Times included a special advertorial (paid editorial and advertising content) section that focused on the advantages of cooperative businesses.
And be sure to look for the Issues &Answers advertorial supplement on pages 55-67 and learn more about captive domiciles.
This new advertorial feature will be available for download from racingpost.
His profile is one of the highlights of the magazine's advertorial on minority business successes.
Lastly, The Sun-Times News Group of Chicago said last week that it is launching a new advertorial publication, Today's New Homes, that will be distributed through all of its Chicago-area publications, including the Chicago Sun-Times, the Beacon News of Aurora and the Herald News of Joliet.