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someone whose business is advertising

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In other words, through a small-scale agency, an advertizer can enjoy some 20% discount which should have been paid to the agency.
Up to now, the pitching mechanism which is applicable in the advertizing business has been subject to the policy of the advertizer although only a few advertizers have a good understanding of it (i.
Apart from this, the idea which is presented during the pitching process is not valued by the prospective advertizer in the case where it is rejected.
It is true that an advertizer can find a suitable agency without the pitching process, as is the case with Metrodata, which has found Hamdan Communication without pitching.
On the broader outline, the activity of advertizing involves three major components: advertizers, agencies, and mass-medias.
Advertizers are producers/suppliers, which are interested in marketing their products.
Kompas daily is the main choice among advertizers and agencies operating in Indonesia for ad placements.
Media with small audience usually adopt a flexible tariff in their bid to attract advertizers.
Large-scale advertizers did not stop their promotional activity during the crisis; they only cut down on it.
As has been mentioned earlier, the rapid overall growth in national ad spending was attributable to the commencement of operations of private television stations, which encouraged advertizers to increase their promotion budget allocations.
A trend in the advertizing industry is usually used as a bench mark by advertizers, media, and national and international agencies for the making of business policies.
Therefore, this medium has become the main choice among advertizers.
In particular with regard to cigarettes, advertizers use printed media as an alternative because television is not supposed to show cigarettes as they are while printed media are allowed to do so as well as to present the verbal message.
The radio is usually used by advertizers as part of their broader marketing strategy, namely to broaden their audience coverage and to strengthen their brand image.