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expressing antithesis or opposition


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52) Hence, he takes an adversative stance, so that he will not be absorbed into the feminine womb, the feminine home, and subsequently, the feminine world.
During the first half of the 19th century it becomes more common to use ega as a conjunction with an adversative connotation.
In both cases, positive responses emerge from a dour battle in which adversative "arousals" (III.
Dento-facial deformities can lead to adversative effects on the individual's own self-esteem and self-confidence and may induce an adverse social response.
44) It produces citizen-soldiers through an adversative pedagogical model, featuring "[p]hysical rigor, mental stress, absolute equality of treatment, absence of privacy, minute regulation of behavior, and indoctrination in desirable values.
It makes little difference that the vast majority of women may lack the will and capacity to subject themselves to VMI's adversative method.
These adversative conclusions could contrarily impact athletic preparation and execution, as well as influencing the long haul danger of perpetual sickness[55].
Example (6b) would be acceptable only in contexts as in (6e) where the adversative content of the subordinate clause renders a non-specific interpretation, and thus is compatible with the indefinite non-specific neki.
At the end of the tragic book version of the story, YH, who as we have seen is given to quite fine distinctions and adversative feelings, introduces a distinction all her own.
Accordingly, in the acquisition order, additive relations are firstly acquired while adversative relations lastly:
The results of the analysis revealed that, while there is no statistically significant correlation between the reading comprehension scores of the good readers and the numbers of the connectives such as temporal, causal, adversative and additive in the texts forming the study database, a negative correlation was found between the reading comprehension scores of the poor readers and concession connectives at the level of r = -0.
515 (1996), Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg--a longtime advocate of equal rights for women--rejected VMI's contention that coeducation would fundamentally alter the VMI experience and destroy VMI's unique adversative educational system.
Yet, the sentences are connected by the adversative conjunction mas (but), whose meaning effect involves certain disregard for the previous excerpt (NEVES, 1984).
the resulting vector is the maximum intensity in vectors of both clauses; if it is adversative (e.
Other factors such as personal conflict, a controlling or coercive management style and external standards were found to be negatively related to autonomous motivation and hence were adversative to employee creativity and innovation at the workplace.