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acting against or in opposition

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to both respect his autonomy and have someone adversarially test the
defendant with procedural matters, not to adversarially test evidence
defendant in the course of adversarially testing evidence despite the
What we find constantly frustrating, even when we win, is why the BHA has to so aggressively and adversarially deal with these appeals.
when we engage people both in our communities and the people we engage more adversarially .
The heavy responsibility of ensuring everyone's rights are respected while pushing adversarially to uncover the truth is challenging.
Of course, the scientific achievements that allowed humans to flourish enough to look at nature less adversarially were often accompanied by a one-sided approach to nature that reduced it to a cold, meaningless universe, subject to every human whim.
In criminal litigation the State itself (borrowing the Queen's name for respectability) is ranged adversarially against an individual.
Waldron therefore urges us to recognize that the rule of law tolerates that "we argue over them adversarially, we use our sense of what is at stake in their application to license a continual process of argument back and forth, and we engage in elaborate interpretive exercises about what it means to apply them faithfully as a system to the cases that come before us" (ibid).
Acknowledging that our culture conspires against collaborative thinking by conditioning us to think adversarially, and pointing to Deborah Tannen's (1998) notion of an argument culture, Mezirow (2000) adds that "Discourse is not based on winning arguments; it centrally involves finding agreement, welcoming difference, 'trying on' other points of view, identifying the common in the contradictory, tolerating the anxiety implicit in the paradox, searching for synthesis, and reframing" (p.