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acting against or in opposition

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Our apologies, meanwhile, to some colleagues for reiterating here that taking off from the adversarial stance just described it does not seem correct that they seek and secure sinecures in government agencies/firms while holding on to their desks in private media.
Most adversarial images often work only at a particular angle.
Insofar as the development of cognitive associations between the law and notions of competitiveness result from legal socialization of the adversarial elements of the legal process, we hypothesize that constituents of a country that employs a non-adversarial (vs.
First, we cannot afford to allow adversarial activity to occur unnoticed for any amount of time before we detect and take action.
In contrast, my experience shows that about 20% to 30% of divorce clients who use adversarial accountants go to court.
And he had an incredible capacity for work, this strength to keep going, against the most adversarial conditions.
Some three years ago, he also published his take on Cardinal Ratzinger, apparently still in a somewhat adversarial tone of one who dislikes the work of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
Adding to this problem is a pack mentality that forms in the executive suites and news bureaus that reinforces already adversarial perspectives.
There is a slow but steady realization across the country that the misalignment of hospital and physician incentives as etched in stone by the diagnostic related groups (DRG) payment system, has bred three decades of adversarial relationships that have taken a toll on health care quality.
This resulted in more felonious deaths of officers than died due to adversarial action for that entire year.
For logging contractors like Geoff Meakin, a co-author of the report, a more streamlined and less adversarial regulatory relationship with the MNR would allow harvesters to go about their work more efficiently.
They have a slightly adversarial air--urgent, almost belligerent, and often reaching witty heights of passive aggression.
I do agree with the criticism that there is an adversarial approach but in saying that it is important that we target money at the individuals.
Still, they provided the thin end of the wedge for the adversarial trial.