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recklessness in politics or foreign affairs

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com/TheAdventurists/videos/10155935278348338/) Facebook video from The Adventurists that showed the early stages of the team's trial runs.
Even though most of them are paupers, downtrodden, disempowered and disenfranchised, thanks wholly to the oligarchs holding this country's means of wealth and politics in their tight grab greedily, neither have the people leased out the country to these adventurists to play their political games nor have they contracted themselves into their serfdom and slavery.
The event is largest run by the UK-based group The League of Adventurists International.
A Swiss celebrity on his hometurf and internationally, inventor, adventurists and environmentalis Louis Palmer put a spotline on solar power when he toured the world with his Solar-Taxi in 2007 to 2008.
But The Adventurists organise other mad trips throughout the year, so we are going to transfer onto another one.
Speaking on the occasion, Pankaj Dubey, Managing Director, Polaris India said" Polaris would be crossing another milestone with the unveiling of this stunning RZR XP 900, which has been admired by adventurists all over the world, as an addition to its vast product portfolio in the field of off-road sports vehicles.
The endurance adventurists, who are members of Celbridge Paddlers Canoe Club in Co Wicklow, had to battle 4ft waves on Lough Allen and Lough Derg making conditions more sea-like than calm river.
He said the meeting was an open message to the adventurists and those who seek power through back doors.
UK-based event organisers the Adventurists said there had been three or four serious injuries since the Mototaxi Junket started in 2009, but Peter was the first competitor to be killed.
Hisham Shehabi, Hisham Ali and Tariq Al Olaimy, known as the Blue Camels, are the first Arabs to enter the Rickshaw Run, organised by UK group The Adventurists three times a year.
After researching online, Shehabi found that the same group which organised the rally, called The Adventurists, also created the Rickshaw Run.
Bahcall, who is a dentist by trade, took the plunge and developed a combination wet and dry moist towelette product, the Paper Shower, a personal hygiene solution for travelers, commuters, outdoor adventurists and people on the go.
The first Drinks brand Is launching a global series of afternoon tea events - an English pursuit not known to get pulses racing - apart from the fact it has teamed up with fundraising events company The Adventurists.
Gareth Rogers and Sin Davies may have brought up the rear on the 3,500 mile Adventurists Club African Rally, but by taking part they raised over pounds 2,500 for charity.
Tom fell for India and the mighty autorickshaw during several trips here and decided that it would provide the perfect vehicle to use on a proper adventure," said Lamorna Trahair, event manager, League of Adventurists.