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recklessness in politics or foreign affairs

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Speaking of the armed struggle and adventurism, one cannot help think of the Harding proposal of 1956 that gave us the opportunity to secure real independence -- as it recognised the right of self-determination -- with the proviso it was exercised in seven to nine years as had happened with Malta and other colonies.
The interpretations and analyses of discovered data of this cohabitation, and Washington's adventurism are aptly reflected in the gathered evidence that has gone into the formation of the theme of the book.
Their spirit of adventurism compels them to do strange things.
He said that Pakistan army is fully capable of responding to any adventurism.
That day, February 3, saw 15 million take to the streets to protest the Middle Eastern adventurism of Bush and Blair.
That day, February 3, 15 million took to the streets to protest the adventurism of George W Bush and Tony Blair.
His penchant for military adventurism was exposed in the embarrassing Manila hostage crisis in August 2010, just weeks into his administration.
If Pakistan persists with this adventurism then our forces will continue to fight," Jaitley told a news conference in New Delhi.
If Pakistan persists with this adventurism, our forces will make cost of this adventurism unaffordable for it," Arun Jaitley told journalists in New Delhi.
Adventurism that I call Envero-Islamist adventurism.
Turkey has started paying its own way because of conducting the policy of adventurism at the Middle East, in
Qatar's Foreign Policy Adventurism Earlier this month, the Taliban opened an official office in Doha, landing Qatar once more in Western headlines.
Iran, however, believes that Western countries and the NATO have deployed the system in Turkey with the aim of supporting the Zionist regime so that in case of an Israeli military adventurism against Iran and Iran's response to the measure, Western countries can safeguard Israel with the help of the missile system," he added.
I can understand the "fear of adventurism in foreign policy" which the Obamacons share, but I scratch my head in wonder at how anyone who deems himself conservative, or even centrist, could support a president who has essentially shredded the Constitution, promoted a culture of death at home and abroad, signed into law a takeover of one- sixth of the U.
Renewing aid is "unfortunately like a prize for military adventurism, culture of predation and massive human rights violations, in which high level Rwandan officials are involved in the DR Congo," the statement said.