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a woman adventurer

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With tantalising chapters as /In Defence of Smuggling/ and /Lunch with Homer/ this witty, eye-opening tapestry of writings on travel and a life spent as one of the 20th century's most formidable adventuresses is Freya Stark at her luminous best.
Visions of office women as coquettes or sexual adventuresses reached their apotheosis in 1962, with the publication of Helen Gurley Brown's Sex and the Single Girl, an instant bestseller that sparked no end of debate.
Actual sexual adventures and adventuresses are interviewed extensively.
One underdeveloped feature of Every Time I Talk to Liston is its attempt to provide possible love interests for the main characters beyond the expected showgirls, groupies, and sexual adventuresses in America's fornication central, Las Vegas.
There were even some unsigned adventuresses who wanted to feel the day press and steam them down like a laundress, until their own fair skins jellied and blistered and needed to be cooled and soothed with banana leaf.
Collins's |male' Gothic adventuresses succeed in penetrating the domestic environment but are ultimately defeated.