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a story of an adventure


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Duma,'' likewise, is a winner, a charming, honest adventure story that sports the beautifully photographed epic landscapes that are a hallmark of Ballard's work.
Next year Gizmo Gypsies will release The Pirate's Pet CD-ROM , a fun-filled adventure story about a Pirate who wants a pet, but not a parrot, features his hardy but intimidated crew, who desperately search for the ultimate pet.
This book is at once a detailed nature guide and a humorous and engaging adventure story.
Her explorations of the Inside Passage and adventures with loggers, lightkeepers, fishermen, missionaries and other residents recounted in Bijaboji: North To Alaska By Oar creates an astounding adventure story armchair readers won't want to miss.
The movie's adventure story and its fantastical marine life - candy-colored creations made by animator Henry Sellick - exist to lighten the mood, although the film's tonal changes are sometimes so abrupt that it's impossible to know exactly when Anderson and co-writer Noah Baumbach are deadpan and when they are dead serious.
Over time, users will dynamically receive updates to the adventure story via the web, which will introduce new elements to the adventure -- new characters, more music, and greater complexities to the games -- thereby guaranteeing the continual evolution of the CD-ROM.
Universal Pictures' "King Kong," a new version of the classic adventure story first brought to the screen in the 1933 RKO motion picture, is directed by triple-Academy Award(R) winner Peter Jackson ("The Lord of the Rings" trilogy) and stars Oscar(R) nominee Naomi Watts ("21 Grams," "The Ring"), Jack Black ("School of Rock") and Oscar winner Adrien Brody ("The Pianist").
This is mainly an adventure story with atmosphere and interesting character development.
But in concentrating on the film's visual splendor, Conran has skimped some on the adventure story.
Take a hunting and fishing adventure story, set it in the wetlands of the Mississippi River mouth, and add two middle-age participants with a passion for hell-raising adventure and an ounce of sense and you have The Hellpig Hunt, a rowdy hunting trip into Louisiana territory which will have even the most seasoned hunter on the edge of his seat.
In many ways, Danson's tale reads as an adventure story enhanced by details about the development of geodetic science and its instruments.
The story's creator, Bob Vernon, who moved from Johnny Carson Productions to Focus on the Family Films in 1986, always knew he wanted to do an adventure story.
Alvin's bravery and the exotic setting, which is beautifully described, will draw readers into this unusual adventure story.
Bruce MacPherson's illustrations are lively, energetic, and in perfect syncopation with the adventure story as it plays out from first page to last.
Just because it was assigned in school, don't pass up a chance to revisit this classic adventure story.