adventure story

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a story of an adventure


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About "The Phoenix," an iPhone/iPad interactive adventure story series
A COMICAL adaptation of the classic adventure story Treasure Island is set to have audiences rolling in the aisles at a Birmingham school.
Book two of the series provides the second adventure in the 'Falconfar' saga and is a pick for any fan of the prior adventure story.
In brief it is a richly imagined adventure story, with fantasy woven in.
This cracking good adventure story is also an exploration of leaders and followers, individuality and conformity, and individual responsibility.
Pupils at a Milnsbridge school in 1952 were asked to write an adventure story which had to begin with the words: "One dark and stormy night I heard .
I highly recommend this informative, inspirational and honest adventure story.
Oliver's unique time travel novel, Sojourn is the adventure story of Jacynda Lassiter, a Time Rover sent on a mission to London in the year of 1888 to prevent a missing 'tourist' from disturbing and changing history.
The GBP2,500 21st Nestle Children's Book Prize has been won by Sally Gardner for her adventure story I Coriander.
In this combination adventure story, political text, and biography, the author mixes all three elements into each chapter.
A cautionary tale and adventure story about man's relationship to nature, ``Grizzly Man'' follows Treadwell's journeys to Alaska, where he lived, unarmed, among the bears for 13 summers and even had cute pet names for the beasts, which can weigh 1,200 pounds, loom as large as a Hummer and outrun a racehorse.
The epic adventure story - a smash hit at Battersea Arts Centre in London - offers audiences the chance to row in the ships and raise their voices to stop Jason and his heroic crew being seduced by the Sirens.
Both an adventure story and a health memoir, Day To Dream is passionate about flight and living life to its fullest.
This is an exotic adventure story of Anand, a 12-year-old boy from Kolkata, India.